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Family photosession in the Boise foothills

If you are looking to have your senior photos or Christmas card photos captured in the snowy mountains of Boise you have come to the right place. Winter Photography is something truly mesmerizing.

There’s something about those snow-covered landscapes and the way the sun reflects the crystalline off the snow. In all seriousness, it’s simply electrifying and is arguably the best season to shoot a sunset or sunrise thanks to the low humidity.

Robin Charlesworth owner of b&b Photography does not want your high school senior or family to miss out on this opportunity.

Winter Photography Ideas in The Treasure Valley

The Treasure Valley, also known as a “Hidden Gem” in the Idaho region is spectacular for winter photography. The winter landscapes of the Boise foothills create impeccable portraits. The cold temperatures often daunt people; however, if you are willing to brave the cold and get creative then winter photography is for you. Winter shoots can transform practically any photo into magic.

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Winter photographers in the Treasure Valley during the winter months are like Bronco fans on game day – full of uncontrollable excitement. There are many amazing places in which you can capture gorgeous photos. For instance, the mountains, streams, and parks, as well as downtown. All these places create an aesthetic look; however, during the winter time these photos go from stunning to breathtaking.

What to Wear for Cold Winter Weather

Cold winter weather offers unique challenges for photographers and that’s not talking about cold fingers. Outdoor photo shoots can always provide challenges, especially during the winter months. Here, we are providing tips and ideas to help you prepare for the next time you plan a photography session. Or possibly when you plan a family getaway that you want to photograph for others to see.
In preparing for a winter photography session, the main thing you will want to keep in mind is that your outfits should always display intention. Every piece of clothing needs to make sense from head to toe. Remember less is more, so don’t just add accessories to try and create more glamor. Make sure that the colors of your clothes are exact and complimentary.

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Before you get all excited about capturing those unforgettable moments with your loved ones through the lens of a camera we are providing you with some important winter photography tips.

Winter Photography Tips

Winter photos take practice especially since winter demands more preparation. With all things considered paying attention to the weather is vital. Unlike in the summer, when you can stroll outside with your camera you’re going to need more supplies. For instance, low temperatures can drain your camera’s battery faster. Make sure to bring spare batteries in your pocket along with extra batteries in your camera bag.
Since cold weather can have catastrophic effects on your camera you’re going to want a bag that can fit all your camera gear.
What happens when your camera goes from cold outdoor temperatures to a more warm environment? Well, moving a camera quickly from warm to cold conditions can get condensation inside your lens and possibly even internally inside your camera.
This can cause detrimental damage to your camera. Lukcily, this is an easy problem to fix.

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Just make sure that when you head out into cold temperatures and head back inside that you allow your camera’s internal temperature to adjust slowly by keeping your gear in a plastic bag or cover. On the other hand, it’s also crucial that you keep your camera dry. Use a high-quality camera bag or wrap a towel around the body to ensure no damage.

Winter Lighting- Blue Hour

The winter night skies can be absolutely beautiful, especially during the blue hour. If you are not familiar with the blue hour, it occurs twice a day, once before sunrise and once before sunset. Throughout this period of time, the bright colors create a nice, crisp blue sky that allows photographers to capture unimaginable outdoor portraits.

Exactly how long the blue hour lasts on any given day will vary depending on the season where you are in the world. The good news is if you plan ahead capturing snowy scenes and snowy landscapes at this time of the hour are very simple.

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Camera Settings For Winter

Capturing images during the winter months can be a hard challenge especially when trying to capture portraits of individuals in fresh snow. With that being said winter cold places offer a variety of opportunities for professional and amateur photographers.
Here are a few tips we are providing to simplify the process and make your next winter photography experience full of joy. If you decide to capture scenic images of a snowstorm, falling snow, or the snowy landscape when the sun rises you’ll want to use a fast shutter speed to adjust for the lack of light. Additionally, make sure you change the exposure compensation feature on your camera by shooting in manual mode. This will ensure that your photos don’t come out under-compensated as well as overcompensated.

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Just like anything else in this world, perfecting a craft takes time as well as patience. Many often overlook the difficulty of photography, especially during times of winter. While white landscapes might sound simple, it’s actually quite tricky. This type of photography requires lots of practice by understanding the camera, lens, and composition of the image you are trying to capture.

Don’t Worry About The Cold Weather

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere like we are, you’ll get some amazingly cold-weather photo opportunities such as the northern lights. It’s challenging to brave the cold with your camera, but with a couple of extra layers, you or b&b photographer Robin Charlesworth can capture some glamour shots.

At b&b photography, Robin Charlesworth utilizes decades of experience to capture those special moments in wintery cold places for your loved ones. Let us capture those spectacular moments by contacting b&b photography today.

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