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b&b Photography is recognized as the premier family photography studio in the Boise area, specializing in all of the the major milestones of family life. Starting with maternity & newborn portraits we focused on the love & beauty of creating life, baby portraits celebrating that special first year and breath-taking children & family portraits commemorating the stages of growth – we create more than a photograph…a piece of family art for your home.

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b&b Photography, the leading senior portrait photography studio in Boise, Idaho, specializes in creating unique high school senior portraits to celebrate this special time of life. We’re not the run-of-the-mill, smile & tilt senior photo studio that shoots the same 20 senior poses every time. We get to know each senior and strive to capture their unique talents, interests and style. To make the most of your senior portraits, see our tips for great senior photos.

Senior Photography

Commercial Photography

Getting the right commercial photography will build your image and client attraction to do business with you.

A great image, weather for commercial photography, executive photos or glamour photography, has many years of life on the internet.

A one time investment can help put your best image forward and bring many returns for many year to come.

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Our Mission in Photography

In today’s crazy-busy world, it can be hard to keep track of all the wonderful moments life brings to us. Moments like finding an adorable portrait of a child on a desk at work when times are tough help remind us why we do it. Moments like waking up to a romantic image to make us remember the love between us. And moments like seeing a picture of your baby at only ten-days-old, so new to life and its experiences,  bringing you back to the miracle they really are.

For newborns, every moment is precious. For the rest of us, moments in life should be as precious, rich, and full as we can make them. And these beautiful moments occur all the time, at any age.

Our children and our families matter so much to us. Making investments in time and money to document these moments proves to be invaluable time after time. Here at b&b, whether it’s a mother’s kiss to her newborn baby, the smiling high-school graduate with fiery eyes, or grandpa frowning in his chair… we bring the moment to life.

We capture precious moments, preserve them for a lifetime, and turn them into something more than just a photograph, a piece of art for your home.