The Best Places to Take Your Christmas Card Photos This Year


With the winter holidays quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your Christmas card photos. The beautiful thing about this time of year is that you have so many options for where and how you want to capture your pictures.


At b&b Photography, our expert local photographers utilize decades of experience to capture an authentic and flawless moment in time. Much loved for their talent and compassion, the team at b&b Photography provides more than just a photograph; we create a priceless image to be cherished for years to come!

When it comes to Christmas card photos, our advice is to start early. Creativity cannot be rushed!

The Versatility of Christmas Card Photos

Exchanging family photos with your friends and family is a great way to feel connected during the holiday season, especially if some of them live far away! To emphasize the importance of Christmas cards, let’s talk about all the different ways you can use your Christmas card photos.


Although the obvious use for your holiday family photos is a Christmas card, there are many other ways you can utilize the photos from a family photo session. Besides a standard cardstock, you can use your photos in

  • A classic wall calendar
  • Desk calendar
  • Photo enlargements for wall décor
  • Stationery, such as notepads

These keepsakes are perfect for personalizing your home and as presents for friends and family. The great thing about your personalized photo session with b&b is that you are in control of the setting and location of your photo! There are numerous ways you can capture a beautiful image of your family, and we have detailed some of our favorites below.

In The Mountains

Nothing is better than a holiday card with snowy mountains in the background!
The holiday season is beautiful if you live near the mountains. Fall leaves and snow in the mountains make for a beautiful photo background. Not to mention the mountains provide beautiful hiking trails and winter streams that will make your photos stand out from others.


The neutral tones of the mountains in the winter allow your family to stand out in the image. Additionally, snow on the ground adds to the perfect winter vibe of your photos. Bundle up in some matching sweaters and boots and get to snapping!

Near a Body of Water

With the dreamy fall colors reflecting off the water, taking pictures near a lake or pond makes for a beautiful family photo!


Taking pictures near the water makes for a uniquely beautiful image. Dress in fall neutrals that compliment the fall colors in the background to create a well-balanced photo. If you live in the Treasure Valley, take advantage of the changing leaves near the water in your Christmas card photos!

At Your Home

Simple, yet effective, taking your Christmas card photos at home is an easy way to snap a photo of the whole family without much hassle. If you have a beautiful front porch or fireplace, these are both perfect backgrounds for a family photo in your home.
This also makes it easy to include your pets in your photos!


One of our oldest tricks in the book is to schedule your photo session before a Thanksgiving gathering when your family is already planning to get dressed up. This way, you can easily rally everyone up and snap a couple of great photos in time to get them processed and sent out to friends and family!

b&b Photography Christmas Cards Consultation

Okay so now it’s time to start planning your photo session! Why look any further when b&b Photography is ready at your service?
During your professional consultation with b&b Photography, we will cover all the last-minute details that will make your photography session a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone! We will talk about which clothing and colors to wear for everyone to look their absolute best. The right clothing choice and awareness of your vision allow for your professional portrait to enhance the beauty of your Christmas cards.


When you choose b&b Photography, you don’t just get a picture to hang on the wall. Our goal at b&b Photography is to be a full-service professional photography studio, designing your session from beginning to end. We guarantee that your photography experience will provide you with a lasting memory, capturing your legacy for decades to come!
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