Robin Charlesworth

Expert Photographer

Robin Charlesworth, Boise Professional Photographer

Robin Charlesworth, of BB Photography, smiling and holding a camera

Robin is an experienced, award-winning professional photographer local to Boise, Idaho. Her concentration is centered around family and senior portrait photography. She established her own portrait studio in the Boston area with success for over ten years and had upwards of 5,000 patrons.

She has studied extensively with master photographers throughout the United States. Through the guidance of these mentors and her 25+ years of experience in the industry, she has been able to cultivate a lively, innovative style in her work. Her commitment to authentic expression is sure to make your photography dreams a reality!

Like many northwest natives, Robin returned to her roots in Idaho in 2001. Outside of her work behind the lens, Robin is found spending time with her three children, Colton, Quinn, and Carli,  as well as their two dogs, Sammy and Ollie. She spends her summers in the foothills and beyond through plenty of mountain biking, camping, kayaking, golfing, and cooking. However, for Robin, nothing beats a day on the slopes in the winter! During these months her Wednesdays are spent enjoying our local snow-capped slopes!

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