Frequently Asked Questions

What is a creative fee?

Creative fees are base compensation for your professional photographer. This fee covers the upfront costs, including their time, creative license, travel expenses, and professional experience for suggestions on your session. This fee also secures your appointment in our schedule. It is important to remember that they are non-refundable and paid at the time of booking any b&b Photography services. However, we understand that things happen in life; sessions can be rescheduled under extenuating circumstances!

How much will my images cost?

Images are completely dependent on client needs. Pricing can start as low as $299 for smaller image assortments. The average investment ranges between $500 to $900 based on size and quantity of images purchased.

Will you fix blemishes or apply any additional retouching?

Yes, our expert digital artist adjusts blemishes, weight, hair, wrinkles, and more on all images unless requested otherwise. This allows us to provide you with the ultimate final product.

How should I dress?

For clothing, bring a range of outfits that you feel most confident in. Being able to mix and match between pieces can also be helpful for on-the-spot changing. Keep in mind the location of the session as well as what color schemes are featured in the background. For hair, go with what works for you and easily complements the outfits you plan to wear.

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