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Why Fall Creates the Best Senior Photos

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Are you ready to transition into fall or are you hanging onto the summer? Professional photographers love to capture senior photos during the fall season because of their gorgeous colors and amazing weather. These enable warm tones that make your senior pictures soft and beautiful.

Fall senior photos are great because it’s the time when your young adult enters their final year of high school. This means it is time to capture those amazing moments of your loved one who is embarking on their next adventure.

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The Changing Colors

Doing a senior photo session in the fall is breathtaking. However, it can be very stressful especially since it’s the time of year when we’re going back to school.

One of the best parts about the fall is the bright, vibrant, and rich colors that are displayed around you. These colors are something every professional photographer loves to work with since it allows them to capture mesmerizing images of their loved ones in front of stunning backgrounds.

Better yet, it’s the time of year when the air becomes crisp and the weather becomes cooler. We all love this, especially during photo sessions since we don’t have to worry about that dry heat and sweat. More importantly, you are going to have less stress and worry about being comfortable allowing yourself to display your unique personality. 

Fall colors create the best senior photos due to fall’s natural variety of colors. The colors of the fall season just can’t be beaten!

 As great as the summer months are with the deep greens and blues, the fall truly awakens the soul. It feels earthy and warm, which creates unbelievable senior pictures.

Amazing Lighting and Weather

What makes the fall light so appealing?

For one, the sun is lower in the sky which makes the angle of sunlight prettier and softer. But also, the weather creates a situation for the light to be filtered making it fantastically interesting.

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We all love fall due to cooler temperatures, which means that your photography session will be more comfortable for you as well as your family members and friends. This means no time worrying about having to find the right clothing options or consistently changing outfits. The fall colors and weather offer a variety of outfit options – as well as clothing that is comfortable!

Comfort brings happiness, and happiness makes more memorable senior portraits and a fun experience for everyone.

Senior Pictures in Golden Hour Light

Golden hour is something truly special, especially if you are considering doing your senior session during this time. Your senior year is a special moment, so why not capture that moment during the most special hour of the day?

We have all seen it: those dreamy, soft, and warm tones of light that can turn a scene into something breathtaking. But before we get too excited, we have to remember that such short-lived beauty comes at a great price.

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While there is no question that taking photos during golden hour is magical, you will want to go into your session with a plan because the sun will set quickly. This allows you to find the right location as well as the best outfits that will display your great personality. As a photographer, it’s our job to create fall senior portraits that tell a story.

To create these stories, we are compelled to move our viewers with emotion. We can connect people to how they felt in a moment by capturing this special moment in time.

Location Ideas for Fall Senior Photos

The location of your senior sessions is very important since the landscape of the images will play a significant role in the emotion of the picture. One of the best parts about living in the Treasure Valley is we have a high variety of landscapes and scenery available.

We absolutely love fall because the scenery looks even more amazing during this time. Compared to summer, the fall has more changing leaves and the weather is more ideal which allows us to pick a variety of locations for your senior pictures.

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Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches are great for capturing senior pictures since they offer a diverse amount of neutral colors as well as props that you can use in your images. All these aspects play a major role in your senior photos because they allow you to showcase your style.

Even a windy day at the pumpkin patch can create amazing senior photos, whether you are standing with a pumpkin in your hand or you have a group of pumpkins surrounding you in the background of the sunflower fields. The pumpkin patch is a great location for senior pictures.

If you are looking to spice things up and use a variety of different backgrounds, you can often take a ride to a nearby orchard or incorporate movement into your photos by playing fun games like cornhole. You can also capture moments of yourself going through the corn maze. These all provide such fun opportunities for unique and personalized senior photos.

Open Fields and Foothills

The Boise Foothills is always a great place to capture senior year photos–especially since it allows the subject to shine and show their unique personality. Even in the fall, open fields have changing colors in the bushes or trees that will create a beautiful background to your photo. 

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Fall sunsets also create breathtaking scenery in the background of the photos. Photographers love sunset photos for the reason that it displays great light as well as emotion. 

This is what photography is all about–creating memories that are captured through the lens of the camera that lasts a lifetime.  

Downtown and City Streets

If you are a city girl or guy, then capturing a few photos in the city streets of downtown Boise is a must. For example, if you plan to go to an out-of-town college when you graduate, taking pictures on the streets familiar to you will add deeper meaning to your senior photos.

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An important tip for taking urban-style senior photos is to look for:

  • Stairs
  • Doors
  • Alleyways
  • Sidewalks
  • Benches
  • Rooftops

Unique ideas for senior photos can also come to you when you are already at the location.

Another great place to take your senior pictures is in the downtown city where you are planning to attend college and embrace the new chapter in your life. Your future college campus will create a perfect backdrop for your senior photos as well as make great wall art for your family members back at home.

Capturing High School Senior Pictures

The lens of the camera is something truly beautiful. Photography is the perfect way for your seniors to embrace their milestones. This is the time for you to express yourself. No one else has lived your story, or seen the world through your point of view.

These pictures will give both you and your parents something to look back on in the years to come.

At b&b photography, we utilize our decades of experience to capture those special moments of your seniors special moment. Let us capture those spectacular moments by contacting b&b Photography today!

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