How To Dress for A Photography Session

Extended family pictured together with children and a beautiful fall backdrop.

With many different session options and more than one person together in a photo, it can be hard to decide exactly what you want to wear. b&b Photography is here to help! First and foremost, no matter what session you have scheduled, we recommend picking out outfits ahead of time to relieve stress. We want the day of your session to be fun and focused on time with you and/or your family.

Family Photo Sessions

Dressing for family photos is probably the most difficult. No need to stress! With the fall weather upon us, it’s easy to coordinate with everyone. We suggest neutral colors so the photos are pleasing and have a natural look. Neutral colored sweaters are an easy way to go and will fit in perfectly with the gorgeous fall scenery we have here in the Treasure Valley.
We also suggest that you try not to wear, or dress your kiddos in, anything that will stand out from the rest of the attire. This could be a large logo or words on a shirt. We also find that small dresses on little ones tend to be uncomfortable to pose in and have a tendency to ride up. If you want to put your kids in dresses, we suggest adding some tights underneath!

Senior Photo Sessions

Senior photos are where we get to have some fun. You want to make sure you’re dressing like yourself but with the same kind of guidelines above. Selecting an outfit that is on the formal side with pieces you know and love will make your pictures shine when we go through your viewing. We encourage you to also feel free to have fun with an outfit that shows off your personality and interests.
In our consultation, we’ll help you brainstorm on what exactly it is you want to showcase, so don’t worry too much about it! Our professional experience is the helping hand to pick exactly what items are best for your senior photos.

Executive Headshot Photo Sessions

Business headshots are a little simpler to dress for. Depending on your line of work, we suggest professional attire. You want to impress with your headshot, so make sure your clothing is free of wrinkles or stains. Busy patterns or accessories may also be distracting, so try to keep it simple.

The team at b&b Photography can’t wait to capture your photos! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and your family to get the photos you can treasure for a lifetime!

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