Professional Headshots for Social Media

Photographer capturing headshot of their subject

Social media has become a part of everyday life. That doesn’t mean that the pictures you post on your social media should be mundane. Of course, good candid photos have a place but professional headshots can give you many advantages, especially as your main profile picture.
Whether they should or not, people do judge based on appearances and professional photography simply looks better. If your social media accounts are for business purposes, this becomes even more important and you should definitely consider hiring a professional for your business photography.

The most important reasons to hire a professional for headshots are:

1. Your profile picture represents your personal brand

Your profile picture on any social media is your identity, or brand, on that particular platform. It represents who you are and makes your first impression online. You want this picture to put you in the best light possible.

2. Eye-catching pictures are more memorable

Everyone sees thousands and thousands of images every day. Professionals, like Boise photographer Robin Charlesworth, create photographs that are artistic and beautiful. They will capture your personality and catch the eye of viewers, which will make your picture much more memorable.

3. Employers check your social media

For those looking for a new job, it is important to understand that potential employers will check your social media accounts. It is important to convey a professional and put together an image of yourself. This is also true for students applying to college or grad school.

4. It builds confidence and trust

When a potential client, employer, or university looks you up and they find a professional headshot, it builds their confidence in you. It shows that you are serious and professional minded.

5. Professionals eliminate background problems

Everybody has been photobombed. Everybody has seen the amazing selfie in the dirty bathroom. A professional photographer can ensure that you are not that person being talked about for what is in the background of your photo. You are guaranteed a beautiful and perfect backdrop that will be free of scrutiny.

Working with a professional photographer will add great value to headshots

Great headshots done by an experienced photographer will make your social media look sharper and more professional. It will present the best version of you to the online world.
If you are in need of a great new headshot for business or social media, or you need website photography, business photography, or senior pictures, B&B Photography can handle all of your photography needs.

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