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Kathryn Albertson Park: One of Boise’s Best Spots for Photo Ops

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A fall time photo of a family in Kathryn Albertson Park

Choosing the perfect Boise setting for your professional portraits isn’t easy with so many phenomenal locations worth a visit. However, Kathryn Albertson Park is oftentimes a preferred location, alleviating some of the challenges of finding a great spot to take professional photos. This park is open to the public and is chosen by brides, graduates, and many others who love nature and want to embrace it while capturing their special moment.

Since Kathryn Albertson Park is a public space, there is no entrance fee to visit. This alone reduces costs of professional photography shots. A couple of gazebos exist in the park making for interesting areas to host photographic events such as weddings, parties or a family outing. There are fees to reserve the gazebos, but this is completely optional. Unless reserved, visitors still have access to the gazebos during their visit but should mind the privacy of those who have paid to occupy them.

The magnificent 41-acre park was originally built and designed as a wildlife sanctuary with a riparian (wetland) habitat many years ago. Today, it still provides a natural area for public enjoyment. The picturesque park offers the perfect backdrop for any breathtaking photo shoot, whether engagement photos, wedding photos, graduation photos, or simple snapshots of special memories you wish to capture forever. It is simple to create serene magic in each moment you spend at this park.

Situated just north of downtown Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park is filled with colorful flowers, mature trees, lush undergrowth, ponds, fountains, scenic lagoons, and an abundance of wildlife ranging from birds to deer. Kathryn Albertson Park provides visitors a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere that’s sure to help create memorable photos that forever enable you to reminisce a magical moment in time you cherish. Additionally, several gazebos are scattered about the park as well as interpretive walking paths. These areas provide superb spots to take your photographs!

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