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Before you have an Empty Nest, Get Family Photos with your Seniors

By May 25, 2018September 7th, 2018No Comments
A photo of a family in front of a red barn

The transition from senior year in high school to the next phase of the journey is an exciting one, but it can be bittersweet for parents. A lot is going to change in the coming months and years, but one thing that should never change is the love that you share as a family. And what better way to celebrate that love—as well as this important milestone—than a series of family portraits?

Now is the time to take this step, as the home dynamic will likely never be the same again, and you’ll always want to look back on this time with the fond memories that it’s brought to your lives. It’s especially important for the graduating senior to remember that no matter what lies ahead in work and in life, their family will always be there to provide care and support. The portraits will also give them the perfect start when it comes to decorating their new dormitory, rented room, or first apartment.

The celebration shouldn’t stop with the immediate family, either. As you’re probably planning a myriad of events with distant relatives and friends you might not see very often, why not include them in a professionally taken picture or two? The grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins will all be thrilled to have this token of your time together. It’s the perfect memento that will spark lively anecdotes and conversations for many generations to come.

Life is uncertain, and neither you nor your graduating senior can really know what bends will appear in the road ahead. That’s why it’s vital to gather everyone in the family together now, as you close this wonderful chapter in your lives and move ahead to the next. Call b&b Photography today to find out more about our packages and offerings.

Congratulations from us to your graduating senior!

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