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Senior Photo Epic Fails: What Not To Do

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A set of senior photos, one failed the other was a success

There are certain moments in life that only come around once and your senior year of high school is one of them. Years from now, you are probably going to want to look back on your senior year with fond memories, not by asking yourself what you could have possibly been thinking. Here are 5 great tips for taking senior photos you will want to remember, rather than ones you want hidden away in a closet.

  1. Don’t get your hair cut the day beforeThis is particularly important if you are trying a new hairstyle or don’t have a regular barber. No amount of photoshopping can salvage a truly bad haircut. Do get your hair trimmed a week before your shoot, but give yourself time to fix any mishaps.
  2. Don’t over pose in unflattering positionsSenior pictures are not the time to try out your most sexy cover model poses. Just keep it real. Your future self will thank you.
  3. Don’t Force a smileHopefully, if you’ve hired a good photographer, they will know how to put you at ease. Do your best to work with them, not against them. Just relax and enjoy!
  4. Don’t be too shy to smileThe last thing you want is your face wearing it’s most doleful expression or furious glare staring down at you from the wall every time you go home. Don’t make it fake and phony, but do try to at least smile.
  5. Don’t overpluck eyebrowsIf you suffer from a unibrow or giant thicket above your eyeballs, let a professional have at it. Don’t try and DIY your eyebrows for your senior pics unless it’s something you’ve already spent years mastering.
  6. Don’t try new makeupIf you really feel like you need a fresh, new look for senior pics, do a trial run a week or so before. Otherwise, just stick to what you always do.To see some examples of what we can do with your senior photos, be sure to check out our Boise Senior Photos Gallery.

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