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How to Take a Good Dating Profile Photo

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A couple going on a date after seeing their profile photos

Entering, or re-entering, the dating pool can be an overwhelming experience. While many of us tediously select, edit, and arrange the photos for our profile, we have all come across a profile or two (or twenty) that just missed the mark.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Dating Profile Picture

To ensure that you are making the most of the opportunity, we have compiled a shortlist of tips and tricks for your dating profile flicks.

No Props

As excited as you were to catch that trout, that is more a “had to be there” moment or maybe even a story to hark back to on date #3 or #4. Using props often distracts from your true personality. Think of it this way, if a friend was trying to set you up with someone they knew, that friend probably wouldn’t show your potential date a photo of you holding up a dead fish. Listing activities like fishing or shopping in the biography section of your profile might be a little more appropriate for those kinds of things.

Don’t Flex With Your Ex

This should be self-explanatory but be sure not to include photos of you with your ex. Some have argued that using a photo of you with an ex shows that you are capable of being in a relationship, these photos really just inspire some confusion and concern, not potential.

Outdated Photos are OUT

Even if you had abs at one point, it really is important that your photos reflect who you are now. Nothing is worse than showing up to a first date and not even recognizing the person sitting on the other side of the table. So yes, avoid using photos of you winning the state championship or in your Halloween costume from four years ago.

That said, not all of us are selfie-queens who take photos of themselves every day but do your best to use photos of you within the last year or so. Again, these photos will more than likely demonstrate who you are and what you like to do in the most updated way.

Soft Angles

Looking for photos that aren’t wholly extravagant will also provide a softer composition for your profile. While, yes, you want to make an impression, you don’t want to make the wrong impression. The hard, low angle usually is not flattering, much like a silhouette or a photo of you from behind.


These are great additions to dating profiles because they are, in fact, natural. These are a fantastic way to display your personality because they are an unfiltered view of you just being you and enjoying the time, friends, or activities around you.

Set Yourself up For Success

All too often we overlook the impact that our photos have on how people perceive us. Much of what our peers gather about us, at least during first impressions, is found through the photos that we post of ourselves. And, it’s not wrong. We purposefully select certain photos over others (that process is just quicker for some) because we like the way we look in them. We like what the context clues of the photo say about who we are.

Sometimes we just can’t get that perfect shot on our own, though. And on top of that, sometimes the quality of our photos just isn’t up to par. That’s okay because there are photographers whose entire craft is dedicated to capturing quality images of you and your identity. Looking into headshot sessions and smaller photography packages can be a quick and easy way to boost your dating profile’s content and consideration.

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