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Tips for Taking Picture Perfect Senior Photos

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A set of Perfect Senior Photos

What to Focus On

Senior high school photos are a special tradition. The photos are usually seen by many family and friends and cherished for decades to come. There are a few ways to make sure that the senior in the photo looks perfectly dapper:


We all have our favorite hoodie or funny t-shirt. However, now is likely not the time to wear them. Choose clothing that compliments your skin tone and background. Steer away from clothing with words or busy patterns that draw away from the focal point: your smile. It’s also a good idea to keep your style professional and not too trendy so the photos can be enjoyed for years without becoming embarrassing.

Makeup and Hair

This isn’t the time to go Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. Keep makeup simple, yet accented. Hair is the same way; make sure it looks tasteful and elegant rather than looking like you rolled out of bed.


For Men

It’s highly recommended that men have a fresh shave before their pictures are taken.


Natural nails look nice. Make sure they are trimmed nicely.

Facial Expressions

It’s important to loosen up enough to enjoy having your photo taken so your smile appears genuine and natural.

Body Poses

Many people have a favorite stance or a certain side of their body that they prefer more. Practicing in front of a mirror where your hands will go and what kind of facial expression you’ll want is good to know before you go in. It doesn’t hurt to tell your photographer any ideas you have for possible poses.

Things to Not Worry Over

Any type of breakout, red marks, or even braces are just a phase of high school and a part of life. Don’t worry too much over what other people will think. If a must, many photographers can retouch the photos for a fee.

Most Importantly…Have Fun!

Going in with ideas, props and bringing someone with you to make you smile and laugh can all be great ways to produce candid photos.

To see more examples, click here to view our Boise Senior Photo Gallery.

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