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Top 5 Things Trending in High School Senior Photos in 2018

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How to take the perfect senior photos

The senior year is a time when students are looking forward to getting out of school and entering college or entering the workforce. For most seniors, getting the iconic last picture made for the yearbook or that will be on display in the home is a memorable event. At one time, seniors took pictures wearing a cap and gown along with a few other poses in a dress or suit that looked like everyone else’s. In 2018, these are the new trends:

1) Natural Is Better

Instead of a lot of makeup or accessories, seniors are taking pictures in natural settings. From sitting on a fence in front of a field to standing in the middle of a road while holding a pair of sandals, the trend is to capture a picture that isn’t forced.


2) All In The Top

An off-the-shoulder top is a piece of clothing to have in the closet. Senior pictures feature this article of clothing whether it’s a pretty blouse with flowing arms or a form-fitting top with overalls or a pair of jeans.


3) Retro Looks

Unless you look at a calendar every day, you would think that it’s the 1980s instead of 2018. Seniors are wearing everything from overalls to jean jackets in their pictures. They are also adding a few bracelets and hoop earrings that were popular in the 1980s. The young men are also taking a step back in time with faded jeans and shirts that aren’t as form-fitting.


4) Short Is Sweet

For senior girls, a trend is short dresses and skirts. More girls are going to tanning beds and spending time outside in the sun to get a bronzed look that they can show off in their senior pictures by wearing skirts and dresses that reach above the knees. Even though the clothes are shorter, they offer a sweet and innocent look, perhaps a way for parents to keep their children young.


5) Pets

Instead of jewelry and equipment used for sports, more seniors are taking pictures with their pets. They sit beside their pets or walk them on a leash while someone takes a picture. This is a way that seniors can cherish the special bond that they have with their four-legged friends at home.

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