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How It All Started | Photography Boise

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b&b Photography was founded by Robin Charlesworth

Her career started in Boston. At first she was the manager of portrait studios and then worked her way into being a photographer. She owned and operated a photography business for five years, then attended New England School of Photography. She says that, “after having five years of experience behind me I went back to school to learn more. I wanted to perfect my trade.” She also continues to say that, “Photography is how we keep our memories alive.

In today’s digital age a lot of times the first impression a person has of you is your photograph. It is so important to get a good photo that represents you in a good light.” When she moved into the Boise market she saw the demand for great quality photos and b&b Photography Studio was born. With her experience, skills and talent, the result is heirloom-quality portraits have grown more precious over the years.

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