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See ya Boise. Hello McCall! | Boise Photography

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A family be the lake in McCall

It’s time for my annual trip to McCall Idaho for some photography fun with unique families and High School Seniors. I love being a Boise Photographer, but it is great to get the opportunity to go to McCall for a step into the mountains. Leaving tomorrow for my ten days of photographing High School Seniors and Families.

McCall is such a great place to create family memories and I feel blessed that so many families trust b&b Photography to photograph these special moments in their lives.

The meadows make absolutely beautiful photographs when they are full of flowers and the beautiful tall flowing grass makes for great backgrounds for Senior portraits. Nothing is as beautiful as a senior high school girl in a beautiful dress playing in a mountainous meadow of flowers. Senior boys are great to photograph at Bear Mountain while mountain biking and hiking. The breathtaking views of McCall make for Perfect outdoor family portraits.

McCall’s lake views are most memorable at spots like the McCall Marina, North Shore, and Ponderosa State Park. Some of the most stunning images come from family cabin walls or in the local valley homes. Putting the family boat and other recreational items in the images make them that much more fun and meaningful. This year we are boating out to Shellworth Island to take unique family portraits . I am really looking forward to that.

Photographing Family gatherings are fun to do up there as well. I have a couple of extended family portraits with 18 people in each family group. this week as well. We know how hard it is to get the whole family together but when you do it is best to hire a qualified professional photographer with experience photographing large family groupings. These moments happen so rarely you want to get it right and have great memories of the gathering for a life time.

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