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Why People Choose b&b Photography | Boise Photographer

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A family photo by the lake in McCall

At b&b Photography, we pride ourselves on our unique style of photography and feel we are unlike any other photographer in the Treasure Valley. We believe our clients deserve quality.

As stated best by the owner of b&b Photography, Robin Charlesworth, “When I am with a client I look for their spirit, that may sound weird, but I always try to get a sense of their inner being and try to bring that out in the images. Anyone can take a picture of someone but looking into them and seeing their inner beauty is at the very core of what taking a perfect photo means.”

Getting your portrait taken may not be a pleasant experience for everyone. Our job is to make having your portrait taken as fun of an experience as possible and to have the final result strike a positive emotion for the viewer. We want the images to make people smile and feel good for years and years.”

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