Top 5 Local Picture Perfect Spots

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Idaho is one of the top growing states in the country. The state has a lot to offer with great food, great night life, and the great outdoors. One thing to really love about Idaho is the scenery all around the state. Whether you’re on a casual stroll or on a road trip, there is always a picture perfect spot to capture beautiful looking photos. We’re listing some of the best spots in Idaho for you to take your camera and capture amazing photos.


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1. Freak Alley – Downtown Boise

Freak Alley is one of Idaho’s most unique urban areas. Located in an alley at 210 N. 9th Street in Boise, from wall to wall local artists have expressed themselves by creating extremely unique content. The artwork changes from time to time so visiting Freak Alley is always a new experience. This location is a very popular spot for locals and visitors alike, so be prepared for a crowd depending on what time of day you decide to go!

2. Table Rock – Boise, Idaho

Table Rock is a famous hiking spot in Boise. The hike itself is roughly 4 miles and you’ll get a great view of the Boise metropolitan area once you make it to the top of the hike. Table Rock features a large cross at the top of the mountain. This is a great setting to take all kinds of photos. The cross at Table Rock makes a perfect background prop in photos for your highschool senior as well!

3. Jump Creek Falls – Marsing, Idaho

Jump Creek is a very popular attraction in Idaho. Located in Marsing, this local hotspot features a breathtaking waterfall along the short half-mile trail. On hot early summer days, the hike offers just enough time to anticipate the cool payoff of a swim once you reach the falls. These are the longest falls in the canyon measuring at 60 feet. After walking the trail in the heat of the summer, throw off your gear and cool off in the pool below the cascading waterfall. Be sure to take the time to appreciate the steep cliffs around you that reach as high as 600 feet in some places.

4. Wilson Springs Ponds – Nampa, Idaho

Wilson Springs Ponds, also dubbed Wilson Pond, is a popular attraction for fishers. The location has plenty of wildlife to observe so it’s perfect for photographers that are interested in capturing animals and nature. Fun fact: cranes love to choose this spot for nesting! Wilson’s Pond is a great area in the summer and fall seasons. There are many trees surrounding the area, so fall photos will look even better when the leaves start changing color!



5. Boise Foothills – Boise, Idaho

The Boise Foothills rise above Idaho’s Capital and largest city, providing a picture-perfect backdrop that speaks to the peace and serenity of Idaho’s rural landscape. The foothills provide a beautiful scene in the sunset, so if you go at the right time of day you can get some pretty awesome looking photos while soaking in the great view. One of the best things about the foothills is that it is a large and secluded area. There usually isn’t much traffic so you should be free to explore to your heart’s desire without interruption. It is a bit of a hike to get to where you might want to go, so be prepared with the proper hiking gear if you’re going to be out there for a while.

Idaho has plenty of places for photography enthusiasts to explore. From the foothills in Boise to the cascading waterfalls in Marsing, there isn’t a place you can go in Idaho that won’t result in capturing amazing looking photos!

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