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The Best Places For Fall Family Photoshoot

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Mother and Father with their daughter taking a picture with leaves.

With fall just around the corner, it is the perfect time to take family photos for the Holidays! As the colors are changing to warm, orange, and red colors, it is such a beautiful time of the year for the perfect family photoshoot. Boise has so many great options to offer for your picture perfect moment. If you’re looking for a photographer who can do it all in Boise, Robin Charlesworth at B&B Photography is the photographer that will capture the image you want!

Boise Depot

The Boise Depot is an ideal place to take pictures at. The building itself is the perfect background for a nice picture, but since it is up on the hill, it has an even better view of the city that is surrounded by colorful trees. It will give that “wow” factor for the best picture! The Depot is a historic place that gives it a little more meaning than just a good spot to take a picture. This being said, you can give a little history lesson to the ones you’re sending your Holiday cards to about where you got your pictures taken!

Kathryn Albertsons Park

Another amazing place to take the perfect picture is at Kathryn Albertsons Park. Just like The Depot, it is a historic place as well. Albertsons Park spreads across forty-one acres and was created to preserve the protection of wildlife. The entire park is not only a safe haven for the animals, but there are also some beautiful spots throughout the park to take pictures of the family. Kathryn Albertsons Park has two small facilities that can be reserved for ceremonies throughout the year. But if you are just going to be there for a few minutes to take a couple of pictures, you do not need to reserve them.

The Green Belt

The Green Belt can be a great place to capture a riverside fall picture. Because it stretches over twenty-five miles long, there are so many spots along the river that would be exceptional places to take a family photo. The water and the trees in the background can give a nice calming and natural setting. A good spot along the Boise River is the Friendship Bridge. This is located right off the Boise State Campus. It is a great spot that captures the entire river and has the mountains in the horizon. When the sun is setting, it reflects off the water, making an orange reflection, it would be an ideal place for the perfect family photo.

Botanical Garden

What could be more picture-perfect than a highly manicured garden? The Idaho Botanical Garden is one of the prettiest places to visit in Boise. With twelve different gardens to choose from, you have so many options to take the best picture. Anywhere from the herb garden all the way to the Idaho Native plant garden. If you are searching for a very elegant and colorful setting, then the Botanical Garden is the place for you!

Meaning behind the Picture

The true meaning is what’s behind the picture. The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” really does hold true. At that moment in time, there are so many things going on, and capturing a snippet of that time can bring back so many memories which you can go back to what was going on in that time in your life. Pictures are a special way to bring people together to reminisce on what they have done together in the past. But what is a picture really worth if it isn’t taken correctly? Here at B&B Photography we make sure your pictures are taken with the highest quality and the best lighting. Get your sweaters and flannels out and let’s start taking some pictures!
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