How Photography Connects Us

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In our world today, it can be easy to feel distant or disconnected from the ones we’re closest to. How can we make those feelings dissipate? Photography is such a special tool that has been used for years to capture moments in time that we don’t want to forget. It’s a gift to share memories with generations beyond ourselves. How can we use photography to pull us back together when we’re feeling pulled away from one another? Below we discuss how photos tell our stories and how they bring us together in ways we may not have realized!

Photographs Tell Our Stories

Look back into your childhood pictures. Does this bring back any memories? Looking back into pictures with family included, are there different perspectives or stories from one photo? Although photographs are something that is still, we are thrown into nostalgia through the things that we remember seeing, doing, and feeling at the time of the photograph. One great photo is something that catapults us into storytelling and remembrance. This makes us feel connected to the ones we hold dear.

Worldwide Connections

Photography is something that is also beyond our personal experiences. It is something that can, however, be felt on a personal level. There are photos that every one of us can reference that has done something to change how we view or perceive something. Take Alex Honnold free soloing El Capitan. Photos of this accomplishment are something that can move us all to feel awed by, even if climbing isn’t a passion of ours. With so many different opinions in the world, we are connected just briefly by the magnitude of one photograph.

Social Media

In our modern world, social media is one of the most common ways to stay connected. What is typically shared online? Photographs. Social media has provided people a place to network and find new opportunities, friends, jobs, and even hobbies. Photographs pull at our interest, then we can connect with the people behind the pictures.
Photographs are, in many ways, a form of communication. They tell stories and bring us back to dear memories. They join us in a worldwide agreement of awe. They connect us to each other through commonalities and interests. Photographs bring us together!
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