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Getting Ahead With Headshots

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Headshots are no longer just a necessity for models and actors. In the digital world that we live in today, professional headshots are a standard. Not only do they give a face to your name, but they are a representation of your personal brand and character. While every industry has its own set of social cues and contexts, a headshot is the way you communicate your personality and identity within your professional community.

Not All Headshots Are Treated Equally

In the same way that every industry sets certain expectations for itself, every photographer has their own perspective as well. Not every photographer’s style is suited toward business, commercial, or professional headshots. However, because the photographer has a huge impact on the final product before editing, take your time in choosing which photographer will fit your style.

Canon Australia demonstrated this in the first part of their ‘The LAB: Decoy’ series in 2015 when they asked 6 photographers to take headshots of the same man. They were given different descriptions of their client and all shot his image completely differently. But it was the same man in the same clothes, right? Yes. But this is exactly why you should spend time finding a good fit for you and your career by consulting your photographer’s portfolio.

Some other things to think about as you brainstorm for your shoot might be:


  • Studio
  • On-site
  • Outdoors


  • Formal
  • Business Professional
  • Business Casual
  • Smart Casual
  • Casual


  • Crisp
  • Pastels
  • Bright
  • Etc.

Professional Headshots Lend Perspective

As we mentioned before, headshots help connect you to potential employers, professional partners, and even extended networking opportunities. They can be used across many digital platforms like your own website, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, email, and recruiting sites. You can also find a way to integrate this investment into your existing resume to associate your face with your credentials after the interview process.

The opportunities are endless when you make a great first impression before even meeting new business contacts. Exceed expectations this year with updated business headshots!

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