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Faces and Angles? | Boise Photographer

By November 11, 2016September 5th, 2018No Comments
A photo with a person on their side, with a unique angle

There is no doubt Robin, with b&b Photography, has a unique style of photography but one thing we wanted to know was how every person she photographs is perfectly flawless. Well, she explained to us that despite imperfections she really knows how to work around it. Is it bad to have imperfections? NO! Its what makes us, unique and different. Robin says its all about the angle of which she captures your face.

On set you will hear her say “Tilt you head to the left a little bit,” “Look sideways, and down.” We all want to look like models when we get our pictures professionally done and this is why Robin is the best Photographer around. She captures your beauty, and highlights your unique angles and features… all of the things that make you…YOU!

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