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Tips for Taking the Perfect Senior Photos

brittany bendabout

Graduation season is fast approaching! Many high school seniors are already booking their senior photoshoot or they have already gotten their photos taken. The reason why senior year is such a special time is because it is the last year of high school and, therefore, the last year of being in grade school. It’s a huge milestone! Most teens turn 18 at some point during the 9 month school year. Many changes will happen during this last year of high school and most people like to take senior photos to preserve this time in life as a memory. Whether you choose to do your photos in the summer, winter, or spring, this article will provide you with tips to get the absolute best looking photos.

Choose Outfits That Make You Feel Confident

Spend time thoroughly deciding which outfits you would like to wear. Typically, most photoshoots have people in about 4 different outfits that they will change into. Choose something that is both comfortable and will make you feel good. Spend some time mixing and matching outfits from your closet or head on down to your nearby shopping mall and browse through their selections and see how you like them. You may even want to take a few practice photos to ensure it really is the look you are aiming for. Make sure you are mindful of certain prints and patterns that can be distracting. When you have your photos taken, you want your face to be the focus of the photo. Avoid wearing clothing that is overly bright and has a giant logo on the front. These can be distracting and take away from the focus of the photo – you! Another good tip: avoid heavily dark colored tops with light colored bottoms. This combination can create the illusion of the bottom half of your body being bigger than your top half. Having the right clothing is super important, but nothing is more important than feeling confident and happy during your photoshoot. This will make or break your senior photo experience so being well prepared will help boost your confidence.

Choose a Makeup Look That Fits Your Style

Now this one’s for the girls. Ladies, whether you choose to apply makeup on is entirely your choice. If you do decide to wear makeup, one thing to keep in mind is if you want it to show up on camera, you may need to intensify the amount you apply. It may look intense in person, but on camera it will look more natural. You don’t have to use crazy eyeshadow and dark eyeliner if that isn’t your style. There are plenty of less vibrant makeup options to choose from. Additionally, if you have naturally oily skin, make sure you choose products that are oil free. Having too much oil on your face can cause shininess and give you a greasy look in your photos. It may also be a good idea to bring some setting powder with you to the shoot, that way you can touch up your makeup to stay looking fresh.

Have a Location in Mind

The location is one of the most important parts of your photoshoot. You want to make sure you choose somewhere that has good lighting and will help enhance your appearance in the photo. Buildings usually make good backdrops or even scenic areas that overlook a body of water. If your choice of location will be outside, then natural lighting will be your best friend. It should go without saying that you want to choose a nice day when the sun is out. Usually an hour before the sun sets tends to be the best time for lighting. If your location choice is going to be indoors, make sure there are windows nearby that attract natural lighting. You don’t want pictures in a dark area because they will add a lot of shadows and just won’t turn out great.

Keep Your Hair and Nails Neat

You should always keep your nails trimmed when getting ready for a photoshoot. While you may not realize it at the moment, nails that are unkempt do show up in pictures and we promise it is not a flattering look. If you’re a guy, you should trim your nails the night before the photoshoot. If you’re a girl, you can choose to get your nails done at a salon before going into your photoshoot. Or, simply trim them yourself and put on a coat of nail polish beforehand. Natural light colors are generally the best because they show up really nicely on camera. Additionally, you want to keep your hair neat as well. If you have plans to get a haircut, have it done before your shoot. Try to stay away from a lot of gel and hairspray as it will limit your hair from moving naturally. If you’re outside, you want it to flow naturally with the breeze. When it comes to styling it, choose a hairstyle you know will make you feel confident. Whether it’s tight or loose curls, or simply leaving it straight, make sure it is a style you chose and are comfortable with it.


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