Senior Photography Boise

Step into the senior portrait studio at b&b photography and experience the difference of genuine artistic talent. Stunning portraits on the walls depict life’s milestones—ranging from expectant mothers to graduating high school seniors, and the many stages of family along the way. The styles are as diverse as the emotions captured in the many portraits—each portrait a creative expression to be enjoyed for generations.

A Unique Senior Portrait Photography Studio

b&b Photography, the leading senior portrait photography studio in Boise, Idaho, specializes in creating unique high school senior portraits to celebrate this special time of life. We’re not the run-of-the-mill, smile & tilt senior photo studio that shoots the same 20 senior poses every time. We get to know each senior and strive to capture their unique talents, interests and style. That’s why no two senior photo sessions are ever the same at b&b Photography. Be sure to check out our Senior Photo Pricing here.

Types of Senior Portraits and Photos

We offer two types of senior portraits: studio sessions and location sessions. Our studio sessions are great for fashion-oriented sessions with specialized lighting, traditional indoor poses and our beautiful outdoor studio park provides a variety of fun and creative scenes for outdoor senior photos. Location sessions are for seniors looking to create senior portraits truly unique to their interests & style. These magazine style photo shoots are cutting-edge senior portrait sessions that offer tremendous variety – outdoor sports, cars, horses, parks, rivers, urbanscape, landscape – each session designed around you!
Regardless of which senior portrait session you choose, make sure to follow our tips for great senior photos. A little planning can go a long ways to making your senior portraits the absolute best they can be.

Tips and Tricks for Great Senior Portraits

  • Clothing – Bring lots of outfits and avoid clothing that makes you look heavy.
  • Hair – Don’t get a new hair-do the day of your session, go with what works.
  • Blemishes – Everyone’s got them, so we’ve mastered facial retouching for you.
  • Time – Get the undivided attention you deserve during your senior session.
  • Light – We know how to use light to highlight your best features.
  • Posing – Knowing how to make posing look natural is truly a secret art.
  • Details – Trust us to take care of all the little details so nothing distracts.
  • Guarantee – We won’t rest until you’re happy.
  • Questions – Get all your questions answered beforehand.
  • Studio – Go with Boise’s best senior portrait studio, b&b Photography!