Photography Pricing


Location sessions are our most popular. These are done in a documentary style. We always get a classic look, but the majority of the session is designed to get a variety of poses, so that you will end up with several different looks and feels. We love shooting these sessions as they are very free flowing. When we are on location, we can move around more, and use the surroundings to help capture your families’ interest and spontaneity.

These sessions are perfect if you want to incorporate dogs, horses, or large items such as cars, boats, or even your home. Location sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours, include a consultation, and creative fees are $125.


We have an indoor and an outdoor studio, offering maximum versatility in studio settings. Our outdoor studio includes a barn, waterway with bridge, flower garden, and some beautiful old trees that make a great setting for families and children. The indoor studio is equipped with multiple backgrounds and unusual props for unique looks, and we offer classic or contemporary lighting styles. Robin is a master of lighting techniques, and loves working in the studio using light to capture the best angles of her subjects.

The studio is great for unusually lit portraits, or for those who don’t want to invest quite as much time as a location shoot. Studio sessions last 1 hour, plus a consultation. Creative fees for this session are $75.

Petite Photography Sessions

This is for the little tykes in your life. Great for updates of your 2 to 5 year old children, or for an update of all the kids in the family. These are great sessions for documenting the growth of a child. These are perfect updates for the grandparents, too.

These sessions are designed for those who want the best, but don’t want to invest too much in portraits. You will still get all the high quality and creativity that B&B has to offer but with minimal investment.

These sessions are abbreviated to last half an hour, and you can spend as little as $199 on portraits. Also, there is no creative fee for this session.


Maternity and Newborn Photography

Maternity: This is a magical time in a women’s life. Our bodies are growing and changing daily, and although it’s an exciting time, we don’t always feel so beautiful in our new bodies. : ) These sessions are designed to capture the lovely curves our body has taken on, and focus on the joy that is about to enter our lives. Robin is a mother of three, and knows what pregnancy feels like, both the good and the bad parts. Understanding what women are sensitive about, Robin uses her many years of experience to work with lighting to highlight the beautiful curves and and hide anything less desirable in shadow. View our work here

The maternity sessions last 1.5 hours, and creative fees are $100.

Newborn: The magic of a newborn is the most amazing thing anyone can experience. To see life at its beginning is nothing short of a miracle. The tiny fingers and little feet, seeing that tiny baby being held in Dad’s strong arms, only to know that some day they will be as big as the arms that cradle them. Robin loves doing these sessions, because birth is a celebration of life and she enjoys capturing the preciousness of newborns. These are long sessions and take lots of patience (since we are on baby time) and they usually last a minimum of 2 hours. View our work here

The session fee is $150.

Maternity and Newborn Combined Special: $200

What’s a creative fee:

Creative fees are for the photographers time, professional knowledge, creative ideas and suggestions for your session. These fees are non refundable and payable at time of booking. This fee also reserves your session in our schedule. We understand that things can happen and we would appreciate a 24 hour notice for reschedules.

How much will my portraits cost?

The best way to answer all of your questions is for you to call and talk to us over the phone or better yet stop in and chat with us in person. This way you can see all thats available.

Most people don’t realize how many questions need to be answered for us to give you an idea of what you might spend. There are so many options. Until you see all thats avalible its hard to say what you might like or want after your session. It seems that everyone has different needs and wants. Here at B&B Photography we strive to make every sitting unique to each family and work with you to meet all your needs.

Investments in your portrait orders varies upon the needs of each individual client. Shorter sessions you will tend to spend less, usually a low of $300 and up to $700, whereas longer sessions there are more pictures to choose from and more variety so you will usually invest a bit more in the longer sessions, usually $700 and up. Please give us a call and we can talk to you about your needs and give you an average price for the session you would like to have.

For more detail please give us a call.


Bebe Photography Collection

These sessions are designed to capture the milestones of a baby’s first year of life. This is a three-session special. We do these sessions at:

  • 3 to 4 mths – this is when babies are really starting to discover the people around them, they are full of smiles and giggles, and have acquired more strength to be on their own. They’re finding hands and fingers and capturing the joy of this discovery. Big smiles is the goal of this session.
  • 6 to 8 mths – now they have progressed to sitting and sometimes crawling, and they are very aware of the world around them. This is when they are the most curious. They are ready to explore, and this is generally the most flirtatious age, so we can get lots of wonderful expressions.
  • 1 year – woohoo it’s the 1st birthday! This is the big one! They are standing if not walking and they are free to explore the world. In this session we invite the family and other siblings to be in some photos, and capture the joy that this (not so little anymore) baby has brought to so many lives.

This session has special packages for the first two sessions, and discounts for the 1-year session. Once all three sessions are complete, you will receive a custom collage featuring one image from each session, capturing the milestones of your child’s first year. Enrollment is $150, which includes all creative fees.


Other Sessions

Extended Family: These sessions can be on location or at our studio. We usually determine where we will have the session after we have a consultation with the family, and decide what works best for all parties involved. This is a great way to celebrate a grandparent’s birthday or anniversary, or just to celebrate the family getting together. There is no better gift than the gift of family, and a portrait to capture the moment you were all together. These sessions last 2 hours, include a consultation, and creative fees are $200. View our work here

Executive & Commercial: We work hard to capture the look and feel that you want for your business card or brochure, whatever the need may be. We can provide you with an executive portrait, group portrait of your office staff, or product shots. We strive to capture the message you are trying to send. Sessions can be done in the studio or on location, and require a development consultation. The price is quotable per job, so just give us a call for quote on this session. Our standard studio head-shot is $125 which includes your CD copy and usage rights. View our work here