Family Photography Boise

Family photography is incredibly rewarding and comes with it’s own set of challenges. Today’s mobile family can make it hard to gather the family or extended family together, so when it happens, it’s important to immortalize the moment.
The days of stiff, posed studio portraits are long gone. Today, families prefer a photo that shows them as they really are: smiling and happy, without looking forced. Capturing the group in ways that appear spontaneous and candid is what b&b Photography does best.

Studio sessions can be shot inside or outside as we have an indoor and outdoor settings for maximum versatility. Our outdoor studio includes a barn, waterway with bridge, flower garden, and some beautiful old trees that make a great setting for families and children. The indoor studio is equipped with multiple backgrounds and unusual props for unique looks, and we offer classic or contemporary lighting styles. The studio is great for unusually lit portraits, or for those who don’t want to invest quite as much time as a location shoot. Studio sessions last 1 hour, plus a consultation. Creative fees for this session are $75.

Location sessions are our most popular. These are done in a documentary style. We always get a classic look, but the majority of the session is designed to get a variety of poses, so that you will end up with several different looks and feels. We love shooting these sessions as they are very free flowing. We choose a location for its surroundings to help capture your families’ interest and spontaneity. These sessions are perfect if you want to incorporate the Boise river, horses, or large items such as cars, boats, or even your home. Location sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours, include a consultation, and creative fees are $125.

What’s a creative fee? Creative fees are for the photographers time, professional knowledge, art direction and suggestions for your session. These fees are non refundable and payable at time of booking.