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Down the road you’ll appreciate those baby pictures all the more if you capture your baby in various settings and creative ways. The art of professional photography can capture your child in many whimsical and timeless ways. Focusing in on all the little details you love so dearly, like your little one’s hair swirls on top of his head, or your daughter’s cute belly button. b&b baby photography captures your infant’s innocence – his or her natural smile! It’s about making baby comfortable and finding the emotion in their faces.

These sessions are designed to capture the milestones of a baby’s first year of life. This is a three-session special. We do these sessions at:

  • 3 to 4 mths – this is when babies are really starting to discover the people around them, they are full of smiles and giggles, and have acquired more strength to be on their own. They’re finding hands and fingers and capturing the joy of this discovery. Big smiles is the goal of this session.
  • 6 to 8 mths – now they have progressed to sitting and sometimes crawling, and they are very aware of the world around them. This is when they are the most curious. They are ready to explore, and this is generally the most flirtatious age, so we can get lots of wonderful expressions.
  • 1 year – woohoo it’s the 1st birthday! This is the big one! They are standing if not walking and they are free to explore the world. In this session we invite the family and other siblings to be in some photos, and capture the joy that this (not so little anymore) baby has brought to so many lives.

Children Photography

The Bebe collection gives you special packages for the first two sessions, and discounts for the 1-year session. Once all three sessions are complete, you will receive a custom collage featuring one image from each session, capturing the milestones of your child’s first year. Enrollment is $150, which includes all creative fees.

Studio sessions are our most popular sessions with the kids. We photograph inside and/or outside year-round as we have an indoor and outdoor settings for maximum versatility. Our outdoor studio includes a barn, waterway with bridge, flower garden, and some beautiful old trees that make a great setting for the kids imagination to run wild. The indoor studio is equipped with multiple backgrounds and unusual props for unique looks, and we offer classic or contemporary lighting styles. The studio is great for unusually lit portraits, or for those who don’t want to invest quite as much time as a location shoot. Studio sessions last 1 hour, plus a consultation. Creative fees for this session are $75.

Be sure to check our specials page as we run promotions throughout the year specifically designed for each season.

Location sessions are also available for important childhood milestones or any special occasion. These are done in a documentary style. We always get a classic look, but the majority of the session is designed to get a variety of poses, so that you will end up with several different looks and feels. We love shooting these sessions as they are very free flowing. Location sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours, include a consultation, and creative fees are $125. For special event photography, please call for custom packages.


What’s a creative fee? Creative fees are for the photographers time, professional knowledge, creative ideas and suggestions for your session. These fees are non refundable and payable at time of booking.