Senior Photography Pricing


$100 Creative Fee

This session is for those who want to add a little extra WOW to their photos. We spend more time enhancing the portraits with our Artist Touch. This makes your images into one-of-a-kind artistic renditions. Also great for high-impact sports images or those individuals with many facets to their personality. Are you an artist? athlete? musician? or just an interesting individual? This session includes both indoor and outdoor photography and a 90 minute session with 3 or 4 outfits and any extra props you want to bring. Packages Start at $399

Studio In and Out

$75 Creative Fee

Do you want indoor AND outdoor photos? This is the session for you. We combine the studio session and the outdoor session (in our secret garden) to give you everything to make your senior session the best it can be. This is a 60 minute session with 3 or 4 outfits. Packages Start at $299

Want a Deal:

Great deal for those on that are on a budget or for those kids that want something quick, simple and classic. (Its a great choice for those of you that are just doing this to make mom happy). If you only need a few great images, this is the session for you. Images are still the high quality that b&b is known for, we just focus on getting the great shots you need for mom and the grandparents. This session can be done indoors or outdoors and we give you 2 outfit changes. Session runs 45 min to an 1 hour.

We don't charge a creative fee for this session. Packages start at $299 average spending is under $500.

Quick-Takes - $249

Special limited price… $199!!!

This small session can be taken either indoors or outdoors, and it’s for those who don’t want the full-meal-deal but want great pictures, or don’t want to spend a lot of time getting portraits done (or are just trying to please mom). This is a 30-minute session and includes an 8×10, 2 5x7s, and 16 Wallets. The photos for this package must be chosen on the same day, and will be ready for pickup within 2 weeks.

Location Sessions

Favorite Place – $125 Creative Fee

For those who want senior portraits taken in a place that has special meaning; the On-Location Photography Package is a great choice. It could be in your backyard, at the stables with your horse, by the Boise river where you hang out with your peeps, at one of Boise’s great parks, or maybe the train depot. The choice is yours! This is a 60 minute session with 3 – 4 outfits and special image effects are included! Packages start at $499

Around Town – $175 Creative Fee

This is our most popular senior photo session, and they sell out very quickly! This session includes a one-hour consultation about a week before your shoot to customize the session for a truly fabulous experience. We shoot this “magazine style” and when we’re done you’ll feel like a rock-star (and look like one too)! This session can include activities, cars, pets, and several great locations. The choice is yours! A lot of time goes into these sessions, and planning is key. This session is intended to focus on the inner person that you are (not just what you look like). This session includes the 1 hour consultation, a 2 hour shoot, and as many outfits as we can squeeze in. We take over 100 images (giving you many to choose from) you can expect to spend $500 or more on a session of this type, and special effects are included at no additional charge. Packages start at $499

The Premier - $300 Creative Fee

It’s actually two senior photo sessions scheduled on separate days. Location and studio time to capture lots of variety with lots of poses—fun, serious, dramatic, athletic—we’ll get it all. The Premier session includes 4 hours of shooting, a whopping 200 images taken, and as many outfits as we can squeeze in. Just like the Around Town session, we shoot this “magazine style” for a cutting-edge look, designed to capture the many facets of your unique personality, style, and interests. This session delivers tremendous variety, and is complemented by specially designed portrait packages starting at $1499, which includes wall-portraits, gift-prints, wallets, grad announcements, and our designer portfolio of your session. Plus get your images on our new cool Thumb Drive! Also, just like the other Location Sessions, special effects are included at no additional charge.

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Additional Details

  • Creative fees are paid at the time of booking. Creative fees cover your time in our schedule, and are non-refundable. They also support the photographer’s time and talent, art direction, and more.
  • All photographs are copyright 2016 b&b photography and it is illegal to copy, scan or reproduce any images without written permission whether purchased or not.
  • All prices are subject to change. Prices will be set at time of booking and honored for 30 days from session date.
  • All purchases are subject to 6% Idaho state sales tax.
  • All images will be purged after 60 days without purchase. All other images will remain available for 90 days after session date.