On Location Photography


Location sessions are our most popular. These are done in a documentary style. We always get a classic look, but the majority of the session is designed to get a variety of poses, so that you will end up with several different looks and feels. We love shooting these sessions as they are very free flowing. When we are on location, we can move around more, and use the surroundings to help capture your families’ interest and spontaneity.

These sessions are perfect if you want to incorporate dogs, horses, or large items such as cars, boats, or even your home. Location sessions last 1.5 to 2 hours, include a consultation, and creative fees are $125.

What’s a creative fee?

Creative fees are for the photographers time, professional knowledge, creative ideas and suggestions for your session. This also secures your time and date in out schedule. These fees are non- refundable and payable at time of booking. We do understand that things happen and appointments can be rescheduled if needed.

How much will my images cost?

The best way to answer all of your questions is for you to call us and talk to you over the phone or better yet stop in and chat with us in person

Most people don’t realize how many questions need to be gone over to give you an idea of what you might spend. It seems that everyone has different needs and wants. Here at b&b Photography we strive to make every sitting unique to each family and work with you to meet all your needs.

I can give you an average of the investment that most clients make which is anywhere from $500 to $900 depending on what sizes they are ordering and quantities of images purchased. Our pricing starts as low as $299 for a smaller assortment of images.

For more detail please give us a call. To see more examples of our On-Location Photography, be sure to check out our Gallery to see all the different kinds of photos we can capture.