Why You Need to Schedule A Summer Photoshoot This Year


Say hello to the start of the summer season by making plans to have a photoshoot during the upcoming warm and sunny months! Summer days are perfect for spending time with family and friends, so why not invite photographers along to capture some of the memories!
We have compiled a few summer photography ideas to inspire you to have some fun getting creative with photography!

What’s so special about summer photography?

Summer is the perfect time to spend long hours with those we consider family, and these memories deserve to be remembered. Take advantage of the more vibrant colors of summer photography and capture the memories you will want to look back on forever!

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The summer season provides a great opportunity to capture an image with bright light due to the sunny days of summertime. The natural intense sunshine emitted during the summer allows us to take brighter photos that convey a happy and light-hearted mood.

Our Favorite Summer Photography Ideas

We have a few examples to help you explore the limits of summer photography, both personally and commercially.

From the perspective of a photographer, some of our favorite summer photography ideas have to do with family vacations. Taking photos with loved ones perfectly captures the carefree and fun vibes of summer photography.


You don’t even need to plan a trip to have a photoshoot! Explore around town to find exciting activities and create a lively mood that looks great in a photograph. If you want to practice some photography yourself, underwater photography in the pool can be a blast with kids!

Another great option is to take advantage of a sunny day and have a water balloon fight. A quick photography tip; you can adjust the shutter speed on your camera to quickly shoot a bunch of frames and catch all the action! These are the kinds of memories you will look back on for years to come, so having a photo or two to remember it will be so special.


If you are more into nature photography, summer landscapes are warm-toned and create great photos that you cannot otherwise naturally capture during the winter. Summer provides some great opportunities to experiment with photos of flowers and plants when they are in bloom and at their most colorful.

Location Ideas For Summer Photography

If you are on the location search for summer photography, look no further!

The perfect place to capture a summer photograph is on the beach–given that the weather conditions are optimal. The ocean and the sky provide a perfect blue background which makes for a great photo. The coast is also perfect for capturing the sunset during golden hour. Sunsets allow you to create silhouettes, which makes for a creative photo. Silhouettes of couples with the sunset in the background are a great idea for engagement photos!

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Other areas, like being in nature or the city, are great for a more unique type of landscape. You can get up early and take a hike to capture the sun shining on the mountains and the flowers in bloom. You could also take yourself on an urban adventure through the middle of a big city; the busyness of metropolitan life makes for a great backdrop.

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Fun Images You Will Cherish

For some, family tripe are one of the few times each year that an entire extended family can all be together. The family trips that we take during the summer create memories that we will hold close to our hearts forever. Among all the craziness on these trips, it is important to take a few pictures with friends and family to have fun summer images to remember the trip–so don’t forget to pick up the camera or schedule a local photographer!


b&b Photography

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We hope you found inspiration from our summer photography ideas! If you are looking for a professional photographer, visit our website today to learn more about our photography services!

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