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Senior Photos: What to Wear in 2022

Young girl in a sundress dancing in a field.

Senior Photos: What to Wear in 2022

For many of us, we only experience graduation once or twice in our entire lives. These are special life events that deserve to be captured and remembered.
Your yearbook photo shouldn’t be the only picture you have to remember your highschool years, and senior photos are important to cherish and look back on as you get older. As a bonus, with senior portraits, you get to bring in more creativity and control the outcome of your photos.
While selfies on your phone are fun to take, professional pictures with a high resolution are perfect to have for a lifetime–and nobody cherishes senior pictures like your mom!

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While high school senior pictures may look slightly different than college senior pictures, there are similar techniques used to dress your best in order to capture the parts you want to remember from your time as a student.
Here at b&b Photography, we specialize in senior photos. If you are not sure how to start preparing for your senior pictures, we suggest getting a few ideas on what to wear!


Sundresses are perfect for outdoor senior portraits. Students looking to capture some portraits in the outdoors can opt for a sundress to match the carefree ambiance of nature which will create flawless beauty in a photo. Portraits that are taken while wearing a sundress communicate a certain innocence that is perfect for capturing you on the end of adolescence!

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Sun hats are a great addition to sun dresses for adding a chic element to an image. Choose your favorite dress and a cute hat and you’re ready!

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts serve many purposes for special occasions, and they are perfect for senior portraits! Most of us own at least one dress shirt, and this is perfect for both senior portraits and professional headshots. You can kill two birds with one stone by taking some professional photos that you can utilize in your future career.

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If you are graduating college, having professional headshots to use in resumes and LinkedIn profiles is essential. Using phone selfies as a profile picture on LinkedIn is not a good way to make a professional first impression when finding a job.

Senior Uniform/Letterman Jackets

Senior photos including a team uniform or Letterman Jackets are perfect to preserve the memory of the sport you were a part of as a student. Sports teams are like second families, and the memories you make with these teams deserve to be remembered for years down the road. One step in doing this is capturing a senior portrait in your sports memorabilia from your senior year.

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Hats are perfect for adding another layer of style to your senior portrait! If your sports team wore hats as part of the uniform, pair them with a nice button-down shirt for pictures. Alternatively, select a hat that has your high school mascot on it or one from the college you are planning to attend.

Extracurricular Stoles

When we walk across the stage at graduation draped in our extracurricular stoles or cords, we are able to feel proud of all that we accomplished. Many clubs and societies will provide stoles for graduation to show off your accomplishments and represent what you belong to.
These are great to wear during your senior portrait because you can capture the areas of your school that you dedicated much of your time to throughout your time as a student.
The unique color combinations of these stoles will provide an added dimension to your senior portrait. These colors can also help solidify you as the main focus of the photo by helping you stand out!


Our pets are important to us and deserve to be included in a shot or two! Take some pictures in your future school gear with your furry friend wearing some merch of their own! If your pets are getting older, this is also the perfect time to capture some images with them before they are gone.

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Many of us have pictures of our pets on our phone, but having high resolution images of you with them is something you will cherish especially when moving away to college.

Cap and Gown

The pictures you submit to your yearbook page won’t include images of your graduation day where you wear your cap and gown and cross the stage. Because of this, it is important to schedule time to get pictures in your cap and gown before your graduation ceremony arrives.
When you wear a cap and gown in your senior pictures, you can control the background of your photos. If you only give yourself a moment to take pictures in your cap and gown during your actual graduation ceremony, there will be other students in the background and it will be difficult to control the outcome of your images.

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Preserve the memory of your graduation with a few professional shots in your cap and gown!

Multiple Outfit Changes!

As you get ready for your senior portrait session, we recommend preparing multiple outfit options and looks to bring with you. Doing so will enable your portraits to have the appearance of spanning multiple days, as well as further help to accentuate your unique personality.
If you were, for example, part of multiple sports teams, or you want to take pictures in one outfit followed by a picture in your cap and gown, you can utilize multiple outfit changes!
In a second bag, you can also bring a few props with you, such as a soccer ball if you are taking pictures in your soccer uniform or other important items you would like to have in your photos.

Need a Photographer?

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At b&b Photography, we utilize decades of experience to capture life’s special moments, highlighting their beauty and authenticity. The team at b&b Photography provides more than just a photograph; we create a flawless image that will be cherished for a lifetime.
Visit our website today to schedule an appointment with us! We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

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