Winter Photoshoot: What to Wear

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Couple holding hands in the snow looking at each other

Can you believe it’s already winter!

This year has sped by, and what better way to still time than to take family photos. Here at B&B Photography we take high quality, professional, and fun photos to show off your family’s unique personalities. And, if you take photos soon, you can also use them in your holiday cards.

The weather may be frightful, but we’ve compiled a small list of essential winter photoshoot tips so that you can get the most out of your beautiful family photos.


This one seems like a no-brainer due to the cold weather, but it can really add to your photographs. Try to stick with layers that match with one another either in color pallet or pattern. You’ll have the option of adding or removing them for the photos.

This helps to add more variety to your pictures, plus it will keep you warm throughout your session. If it is super cold, stash some extra jackets, beanies, or hand warmers in the car to wear while you are standing or waiting for your turn in the photo.

We recommend having your top layer be a more neutral tone, as it will help pull everything together.


family picture

Wearing boots or thicker shoes will help you stay warmer. It’s also a cute way to tie your outfit together and make a full fall outfit.


It’s cold outside! We don’t want Jack Frost nipping at your fingers, so bring some gloves or hand warmers to easily stick in gloves and pockets. Especially with little kids, this will help keep their little fingers warmer and their moods better.

Neutral Tones

family photo

Oftentimes, pictures look more cohesive when everyone somewhat matches. Everyone doesn’t need to be wearing the exact same outift, of course, but having a certain color palette will definitely help. Neutral colors go with any scenery and backdrop, and no one will stand out more than everyone else. Check out these pinterest outfit ideas for some outfit inspiration!

We recommend that people look coordinated, not matchy-matchy. Pick out whatever makes your family shine!

Neutral tones help the pictures showcase your faces and personality, rather than your outfits. We want to enhance your family’s style and show the love between you all.


A lot of the time, moms get busy picking out outfits for the little ones. We recommend the moms pick out their own outfit first to make sure everyone else’s outfits coordinate with her.

It’s important to pick something you feel comfortable, movable, and flattering in. Wearing a dress is always a good choice, but dark denim or other pants work great as well. As long as you are comfortable and feel good – the pictures will look good!


Looking professional is the way to go. You can never go wrong with a simple button-up collared shirt, sweater, vest, or solid colored jacket. Slacks, khakis, or chinos are a safe bet for pants. Dark denim is good in the colder weather as well.


Children being comfortable is very important. If something is too tight or bothers them, they will be worried about it and unfocused. Try on some outfits ahead of time to check which ones look best together, fit them well, and don’t cause any itches. Cute sweaters or warm onesies are good options.

Another adorable idea would be to match their outfits with your own!

Other Tips & Tricks

The most important thing is feeling comfortable in your own skin. Wear what makes you feel good!

If you need any help, or deciding between options, we are happy to look through them! We can offer suggestions to help you and your family look your best!

Whenever you’re ready to schedule a photoshoot don’t hesitate to contact B&B Photography! We want to capture your family and you can keep the memories forever.

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