9 Ways to Display Your Photos like a Pro

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You’ve had your consultation, done your photoshoot, and chose the pictures you liked the best at your viewing, what’s next? Well, unless you want your gorgeous photos to sit in a box for the foreseeable future, you’ll need to display them! The only question is how. You could hang them on the wall, put them on a shelf, stick them to a fridge, or put them in a wallet. The possibilities are endless, but how do you choose? To make the decision a little bit easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of 9 awesome ways to display your photos. Take a look through them and choose your favorite!

Desktop Frames

Typically the most traditional way to display photos, desktop frames can be found at almost any retailer. Simply find a frame that matches the dimensions of your portrait, swap out it’s display picture, and display it wherever you’d like! They go great on desktops, shelves, and countertops. For a perfect way to keep your family and loved ones close to you, choose a desktop frame!

Photo Walls

Photo walls, also known as wall collages, are groupings of multiple photos displayed on a single wall. They can be laid out in a grid style or placed together like interlocking puzzle pieces. You have full creativity with photo walls as well. You can frame your photos if you’d like, leave them as prints, or hang them as canvases. Mix and match wall art and shelves with your photos to give your display a little extra dimension!

Digital Displays

We’re currently living in a digital age, so it’s no surprise that there are many ways to display your photos digitally. At b&b Photography, you can choose your favorite photos from your shoot to be digitized, and you’ll have freedom to digitally display them however you’d like! Phone backgrounds, desktop backgrounds, and even watch faces can be customized with your chosen photos. Plus, digital photo frames allow you to cycle through your favorite photos endlessly. Simply pick out your favorites and upload them to be viewed in a slideshow style fashion.

Staircase Statement

This is fairly similar to a photo wall, but it follows the angle of your staircase! This Exhibit Photo Display features five hanging frames on a slidable bar that can be mounted horizontally or at an angle. With both vertical and horizontal frames, you’ll be able to display any shot from your shoot with ease.

Display Box

Do you like the idea of a photo frame but want something more? The photo display box is the right choice for you! You can showcase your favorite photo on the front of the box and keep a selection of photos stored on the inside for easy rotation. This unique photo display is sure to be the envy of your visitors! Did we mention it also makes a great bookend or centerpiece?


We all have memories of growing up and seeing art pieces and photographs decorating our fridges, why not keep up the tradition? Turn your favorite photographs into magnets and give them as gifts to parents, grandparents, and extended family members. This little memento will live on their fridge reminding them just how much you love them! Plus, it’s a great way to get a little bit of color into your kitchen!

Photo Hanger

Do you have a large photo you’d like to display? A photo hanger might be the best way to do so. It combines all the sophistication of a photo frame with a lovely minimalistic aesthetic. Choose from wooden, metal, or plastic photo hangers, select a spot on your fall, and slip your photo into its frame. This display method will help to bring your space together!

Chalkboard Frame

For another interesting take on the classic frame, we recommend a chalkboard frame! Simply find a frame that you like the design of, take it apart, and paint it with chalkboard paint. Once dry, reassemble your frame (be careful with the glass) and place your chosen photo into it. You’ll have a lovely frame that you can now turn into a work of art!

Picture Ledge

Do you have a natural shelf or overhang somewhere in your home? Turn it into a picture ledge! Gather some family heirlooms, interesting décor, and your photos and get ready to turn the empty shelf into something that screams family!

When you’re ready to take photos to display in your home, be sure to contact b&b Photography! Our award-winning photographer will capture images you’d be proud to display in your home! Also, be sure to check out our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with our specials!

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