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Why You Should Have A Senior Photoshoot In Every Season

A girl in a white dress with a green cap and gown standing outside holding a senior banner

As the seasons change, so will your senior. This is a year of growth, transformation, and exploring what the future holds. Throughout their final year of high school, your blossoming senior will grow exponentially as they decide what to do with the rest of their life. With each transition into the new season, you will quickly realize that their time at home is coming to an end and soon they will be out of the nest accomplishing big things. Each season will offer different photoshoot opportunities to capture these memories before the next chapter opens. At b&b Photography, we want you to understand the importance of photographing your senior’s final moments in high school. Check out the unique photoshoot opportunities that each season offers below!


Summer is here and you can officially start calling yourself a senior, how exciting! It may seem like you have the whole year to take your senior pictures but in reality, time goes by quickly. Before you know it you will have school, sports, and other extracurricular activities which leaves hardly any time for a well-planned senior photo session.
Planning your first session for the summer before your senior year will leave so much more time to have multiple summer photoshoots and more availability on your soon-to-be busy schedule. With the sun rising bright and early and not setting until the wee hours of the night, the light throughout the day offers many opportunities for mood lighting and creating the perfect glow on your skin. If you wait until later in the summer, you will have a glowing tan skin that compliments all outfits! Not to mention there is little to no chance for cancellations due to weather.


The leaves are starting to change and you have officially started school! There are already so many big changes happening and it’s hard to keep track of all the exciting senior events you are partaking in. Planning a fall-themed senior photoshoot is great for capturing seasonal events. This could include sports, band, or debate teams! Looking back on photographs of all the extracurricular activities that you did in high school will allow you to have memories that last a lifetime.
Not only are the colors outside rich with vibrant oranges and reds, but the temperature has cooled down and this means new outfit choices! Outfits with lots of layers are weather-appropriate and stylish. If you have a letterman’s jacket to throw on top, even better! Fall photo sessions create a timeless look that can truly capture your senior’s essence and personality.


If you live somewhere that gets snow, then we definitely recommend a winter session. There are truly not many people who will get to do their senior photos in their snowy hometown which creates very unique senior photos! If you do a winter sport such as skiing or snowboarding, ask your photographer to go up to the slopes with you to get some still shots as well as action shots. Scheduling sessions later in the day is going to offer the best lighting. Not to mention, you and your photographer will probably have better luck aligning a time where you are both available for the day!
If you’re not much of an outdoor person, going to a studio for senior photos is a great option. Most photographers have a lot of availability throughout the cold season so scheduling should be easier for the both of you. Studio shoots are also beneficial because you can set up lighting and props to create a background that perfectly fits your style!


The flowers are blooming and graduation is right around the corner! The bright colors of the blossoming flora provide a beautiful backdrop during a photoshoot. This will be your last session before you are officially graduated, so hopefully you have your cap and gown by now, and you can wear them for the first time. This is also a great opportunity to have a photoshoot with all of your senior friends! Whether you choose to dress in coordinated outfits or wear your gowns, having the memories of your best friends in high school will hold a special place in your heart.
Something to be wary about with spring photoshoots is that spring is likely going to be your busiest season. Between final projects, prom, and planning for graduation, you may not have as much time as you thought you would. This is also the season for yearbook deadlines which means you need to have your photo turned in ASAP. Some photographers take up to a few weeks before they get your photos back, so plan accordingly and take your photos early in the spring!

Ensuring that your photos turn out exactly how you envisioned them to be is so important. The best way to guarantee this is to find a photographer you connect with along with having multiple sessions to capture all the exciting changes that happen throughout your senior year! If you are ready to schedule a senior photo shoot, contact b&b Photography today!

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