Tips for Getting the Best Professional Headshot

Man posing for a professional headshot in a collared shirt on a brick-covered road.

The rise of networking through social media has brought a correlated rise in the importance of having a professional headshot. Although they’ve always been around, people never really saw your headshot and they were more catered towards actors and models. Now, every time someone looks at your LinkedIn profile they see the picture you have as your avatar. This makes having a professional headshot, a photo where you are wearing business attire, one of the most important aspects of job hunting online in today’s day in age. Our expert photographers at b&b Photography have outlined some of their top tips for capturing an amazing professional headshot down below; check it out!

Get Dressed Up

The most important thing to do when taking your professional headshot is to look professional! No matter what industry you want to go into, it never hurts to dress above the part. If you’re questioning whether you’re overdoing it or not, the answer is probably no. Men should choose to wear a collared shirt and tie at a minimum. If possible, you should consider wearing a nice suit to really present yourself at your best. For women, you can wear a blazer, a dress, a nice looking top, or one of the many other options! Just make sure that whatever you wear would be appropriate for an office environment.

Pick a Good Background

Being in Boise, there are a lot of great scenery options to choose from. It’s a very diverse city as far as scenery goes, ranging from tall downtown buildings all the way to insane views in the mountains. And the great part — they’re only 30 minutes apart! When selecting your background scenery, it should be personally relevant to you. If you really enjoy being in the city, take a headshot in the downtown area with some buildings in the background. If you love to be outdoors, go take your picture at Tablerock or Bogus Basin! Your professional headshot should be personal, and this is a great opportunity to show others who you are!

Get a Good Photographer

Just as important as dressing nice and picking a good background for your professional headshot is having a good photographer. While it’s possible to have your friend take a picture of you with their iPhone, it’s not advised. Having a professional photographer gives you someone that can offer their expertise to getting the best headshot, whether that’s using special lighting techniques or knowing where to pose to achieve the look you want. Not only this, but their top of the line cameras will produce a better quality picture that can be enhanced even more through simple photo editing software.

If you’re looking for a professional photographer for your headshots, be sure to contact b&b Photography! We’re here to offer our expert advice on all things photography. Give us a call today to get started on your professional headshots!

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