The Importance of Photographing Your Baby

Baby in a basket with a brown blanket

The birth of a child is one of the most rewarding but stressful times a family can experience. In the blink of an eye, your life changes and you have to adapt to having another little human in your life. Just as quickly as the baby comes into your life, they will soon be walking and talking which will leave you wondering where the time has gone. b&b Photography wants to make sure you have plenty of mementos to reminisce and look back on these wonderful years. Below are just a few reasons as to why photoshoots with your newborn are so important!

Babies Change So Fast

Babies grow so quickly that in the moment, you barely recognize how much they have changed. Newborns especially grow very quickly in the first few weeks of their life. If you do not have photos from when your baby was little, it will be harder for you to compare how they have developed because they grow so fast. Their skull bones will shift and the features of their face may change as they start to gain weight, which will drastically affect their tiny characteristics. Capturing the times when your baby is still small and peaceful can help you remember the good times from their childhood.

Watch Them Grow Up All Over Again

When your children are older and moving out of the house, you are likely going to miss the liveliness that was once running around. If you have routine photoshoots from when they are a newborn all the way to their high school senior pictures, you will be able to relive those memories again. b&b Photography offers a Toddler Photography Package along with newborn shots so you can collect images during the times they change the most. By photographing their different stages of development, you won’t miss out on capturing the changes they have made while growing up!

When Should I Book My Appointments?

The biggest question when it comes to newborn shoots is, when should I make the appointment? It is recommended that you schedule your shoot before they reach the two week age mark. If you can get in before then, even better! Doing the photoshoot while the baby is still easy to pose and wrap in different blankets is the best way to capture what most parents want. After the initial newborn shoot, having photos taken around three months, six months, and one year are the next big milestones that show the baby’s growth.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and the memories that accompany them are priceless. If you are interested in capturing these once in a lifetime moments, contact b&b Photography for a consultation today!

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