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Great Location Ideas for Winter Senior Photos

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As we enter the new year, the high school seniors are approaching the day they’ve been looking forward to for a long time: graduation day. Along with graduation comes the highly anticipated senior photos that you’ll look back on and treasure for the rest of your life. If you haven’t already had a photo session for your senior photos, don’t worry- you’re not too late to the game. Amidst the pandemic, we at b&b Photography can continue to operate based on updated safety procedures. Winter can actually be one of the most beautiful times to take senior photos, as there’s a lot of breathtaking scenery that comes with the cold weather. Check out some awesome location ideas for senior pictures this winter!

Bogus Basin

A staple of the wintertime in the Treasure Valley, Bogus Basin has been a part of this community for a very long time. Bogus Basin is a local ski area about 45 minutes out of Boise. If you are a skier or snowboarder, what better way to truly capture who you are in your senior pictures than to take them at a ski hill? Not only this, but Bogus has breathtaking views overlooking the Treasure Valley that would make for some great pictures. If you aren’t a skier or snowboarder, you would still be able to appreciate the pictures that this place has to offer. If it’s undesirable for you to drive all the way up to the top, there are several areas you can pull off throughout the drive that would offer great mountain scenery as well.

Eagle Foothills

The Eagle foothills are another area around Boise that looks absolutely stunning in the winter. The foothills are very popular in the summer and spring for bikers and hikers, but during the winter these low-rolling hills are untouched and offer a backdrop comprised of a sea of trees. If you’re lucky enough to catch them on a day that it has snowed, it becomes that much more beautiful. The layer of untouched snow in the hills will compliment you perfectly and make for some great senior pictures.

Downtown Boise

The opinion of many Boise locals is that there’s no place prettier than downtown Boise. This statement becomes even more true in the winter. Downtown Boise is a small downtown compared to larger cities but still boasts tall, beautiful buildings. To see downtown after it snows is very serene. The empty streets covered in snow and surrounded by tall buildings with bright lights make for a great scene. If you’re a person that loves the city but is also in love with winter, this would be the perfect location for you.

If you’re looking to get your own set of senior pictures, be sure to contact b&b Photography today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have about the process, or can even help you decide on locations for your photoshoot. Give us a call today!

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