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Capturing Your Authenticity in Your Senior Photos

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A girl in a tan field sitting on a white box posing for the camera.

As the popularized saying states, a photo really is worth a thousand words. However, when it comes to senior photos, oftentimes the authenticity of the photos and the individual it captures is lost. Senior portraits are a way of capturing the elation and growth that comes with this gratifying and special moment in time. So, to ensure your authentic self shines through, there are a few steps to follow:

Show Your Unique Style

Whether you prefer Vans and a plain white t-shirt, or a dressier attire, it is important to showcase your personal stylewithin your photos. Of course, there are exceptions; to capture a specific look, however, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and confident in your attire. Your style surpasses just what you wear: it includes props and accessories you want to incorporate for a unique flare. If you are a musician, incorporate your instrument to showcase this trait. If you’re obsessed with your Golden Retriever, have him join in for a few photos. The point of senior photos is to capture YOUR moment in time, so don’t be afraid to integrate the things that help define who you are and make you different from others.

Show Your Authentic Smile

We have all had a moment during family photos where the word, “cheese,” is used and we smile awkwardly at the moment. At b&b Photography, we don’t believe in forced or unauthentic smiles. Our professional Boise photographers work with you to make you feel comfortable, bringing a natural and authentic smile that showcases your true self. We elicit genuine emotion from our clients, and with senior photos, happiness should be at the forefront of each image.

Finding Your Vibe

Whether you have a city-style flare or prefer the outdoors and wide-open spaces (or both), we will work with you to customize the best locations to exemplify you! The most important component of senior photography is you, and to provide a high quality experience and product, we customize senior photos to fit with each client.

Why Choose B&B Photography

Anyone can take a picture, but at b&b Photography we take the time and attention to detail to create lifelong memories. Our expert local photographers utilize the skills and experience needed to create an authentic product with each of our clients. We are loved for our personable and compassionate care of clientele, and we work with you to create a comfortable and memorable experience. At b&b Photography, we don’t just create photos; we create art.

Schedule your own unforgettable senior photo experienceand capture your special moment with b&b Photography.

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