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Senior Photo Season Prevails in the Pandemic

Graduation caps with logo

Graduation is an achievement to be shared and celebrated; that is why senior photos have become a solution to the uncertainty that large celebrations face in the world of social distancing.
The enforcement of regulations that hinder these moments is unknown, however, with senior photos you can ensure that this major life moment will be captured. For both the senior and loved ones, graduation is a time of happiness, and sharing the achievement with family and friends through photos is something that they will appreciate greatly.
At b&b Photography, we are now in senior photo season and continuing on our pursuit to cultivate amazing content to capture this moment. Graduation only happens a couple of times in life, so we believe that perfection and personalization are essential.

Steps to Ensure Client Safety

We are passionate about our photos and our clients, that is why we are adapting to regulations to ensure safety, so you can worry about celebrating this moment, and not be hindered by the overcast the pandemic has shadowed over 2020. The safety and satisfaction of our clients is our top priority, that is why we have made accommodations to adjust to this new reality!

Consultations Held Over Zoom

Formerly in-studio consultations will be held over Zoom for a safer interaction. This is not your average Zoom call; we utilize this time to refine details and connect with our clients so we can showcase their personality for the photos. We also will provide sample images, building a customized aesthetic for your senior.

The Shoot

Our job during the shoot is to make our clients feel as comfortable and confident as possible! That is why our photographers will be working based on client comfort levels.
This includes everything from maintaining social distancing to evaluating how to make clothing and prop adjustments, ensuring that we are making safety a top priority. In addition to this, we will also be avidly disinfecting items and surfaces. This shoot is about creating lifelong memories, and it’s our job to create an environment for you to enjoy the experience.

Outdoor Sessions

As Boise locals, we have several favorite locations in mind to suit any shooting style and aesthetic your senior may desire! However, you can always suggest a place you prefer or show us a photo of a location you want to replicate, and we will find the best match in the area! We can take Pinterest photos of landscapes and search the Boise area to bring their dream backdrop to reality.
Can’t decide between the city or rural scenery? We can create a route so you don’t have to choose between locations and we can visit multiple!

Zoom Image Reveal

Within a week of the scheduled shoot, we will be ready to reveal your digital images and discuss photo orders. This reveal will be done over Zoom, another precaution we are taking for the safety of our clients. To simplify the process of choosing your items, you will receive a website of your senior’s images to share with friends and family.
At b&b Photography, we make our client’s vision a reality; customizing each session from the location and outfits to the artistic touches. We pride ourselves on creating an enjoyable experience that will be remembered forever, capturing your legacy for decades to come, and a special token of your accomplishments that can be shared with loved ones.
This year has been full of unprecedented times, but as we move forward we must focus on the good things to come in the future. Contact b&b Photography for a consultation, and start planning how you want to capture your senior’s commencement and celebrate the 12 years of hard work behind them.

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