Senior Photography

Documenting the Graduates

Graduates throwing their black and red caps and tassels in the air celebrating their accomplishment.

Graduations only happen a few times in one’s life. It’s a time to celebrate one’s accomplishments and hard work for getting them to where they are today. Whether it is preschool, high school, or college graduation there is always a reason to celebrate. We only get to experience these moments a few times in our lives and there is no better way to capture these moments than with a camera. Every graduate deserves a picture to remember that day when they were celebrated. Here at B&B photography, we specialize in senior photos that recognize those who worked so hard for that diploma. You only experience senior year only a few times in our life so why would you not document your growth with a beautiful portfolio.

Our Photos Senior Photos

The Boise area is perfect for getting the perfect senior photos. You have the foothills, Boise River, downtown scene, and the overall beauty of the outdoors. Your dream senior photo can become real with just one click. B&B Photography specializes in senior photos here in the Boise Area. Senior photos are meant to be unique and different for each and every senior. Each senior should have pictures that capture who they are and how far they have come. Here are just some examples of our work;

A girl in a tan field sitting on a white box posing for the camera.A young boy in a flannel posing for senior photos.

The Importance of Senior Photos

Taking senior pictures is the best way to commemorate all the hard work they have done during their school days. It is also the best way to see their growth and celebrate their accomplishments. These are pictures that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Something that they can look back on that reminds them of those high school memories. These are pictures that can be used in professional settings as well. In the professional world today, having a professional photo of yourself can go a long way. So not only is this a sentimental moment to capture but also can help these seniors in the future. Whether it is college, a LinkedIn profile, or just a picture to frame, photos have more meaning than some might think. Which is why senior pictures are one of our specialties at B&B.

Last but Not Least

Graduating only happens once or twice in one’s life, which is why these moments need to be documented so that they can be memories for you to cherish forever. For more information on our senior photos check out our pricing and the different options that we offer. We have the option that is perfect for you and your dream photos. Contact us today, it is not too late for 2020 graduates to capture their moment.

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