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Idaho is Built for Holiday Photography

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Have a blast taking holiday photos with your family at a location that will embody Idaho’s abundance of winter weather.

Snow has begun to fall and snowmen are going up faster than we can even account for. While many couples and families choose to do their holiday family photos long before the leaves even hit the ground, there’s something to be said for authentic fall and winter photos. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort out what you want for your holiday cards and photos. Fortunately, we have been shooting in the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas for quite some time so we know of a few great places to have your photos taken.

Treasure Valley Troves

Boise, Eagle, Meridian and beyond are all distinct communities. However, each of these cities in the Treasure Valley have a handful of beautiful natural and urban settings – all of which are prime locations for your holiday photoshoot. We listed some of the best places in the Treasure Valley.

Boise – Main Street
Although it might not be your first thought, Main Street has several different backdrops you can use to get your holiday cards to dazzle. Plus, you are only a hop and a skip away from Cecil D. Andrus Park, The Grove’s Christmas Tree, the popular wooden panel exterior of the old Urban Outfitters storefront, JUMP, and even Freak Alley.
Boise – Train Depot
This is a Boise staple. Not only does the depot overlook the Capitol building as well as the entire downtown skyline, but it also has plenty of smaller features you can make use of for different shots like the benches, groomed greenery, water features, and train tracks.
Boise – Foothills
There are plenty of accessible trailheads that make for an easy but standout photoshoot. Check out trails like Hull’s Gulch, Camelsback, Old Penitentiary, Oregon Trail Reserve, Full Sail, or Cottonwood Creek. Some of these trails also have great viewpoints for some background shots of the city but remember your snowboots to change into!
Eagle – Old State Street
If BoDo is too much for your style, this is another urban environment that might suit your tastes better. With an authentic old school vibe, the smaller scale of downtown Eagle can offer you a local’s only perspective for your shoot. Or if you want to dress things up in an urban setting, there’s always The Village with its water fountains, ice rink, and glittery holiday lights only 15 minutes away.
Eagle – Reed Merrill Park
Reed Merrill Park is one of the best spots for greenbelt shots. Not only will there be enough space for the whole family to get together, it can double as a comfortable location for solo photos as well. It is a comparable location that won’t look as familiar as the photography hotspot park in Boise, Kathryn Albertson Park.
Meridian – Eagle Island Park Pond
Eagle Island is one of the most popular locations outside of Boise. There are bridges, open fields, riverside beaches, and even some covered areas in case you decide on an outfit change.
Nampa – Lavender Farm
This is a great location for families that is often overlooked, even by locals! While the lavender farms certainly won’t be in their prime season, it is an open range with rolling hills and even opportunities for lakeside photos. You could even make a trip out of it for the kids and get some quality photos of your children just having fun in the snow; just don’t forget a few extra coats and some dry clothes for afterward!

Beyond Boise

There are also many magical locations outside of the Treasure Valley. We might think of McCall and Cascade as our summer destinations with beautiful lakes and mountains for boating and hiking. Don’t discount these places in the winter, though! They are the perfect towns if you are looking for a snowglobe, winter wonderland backdrop. Because they are known for skiing and other winter activities by cold weather enthusiasts, it will give you an authentic take on rosy cheeks, fluffy snowflakes, and log cabin aesthetics.

Hidden Gems in the Gem State

These aren’t the only places in Idaho suited for winter photography but they are some destinations that can help you make the most of your session. Don’t get stuck with studio shots and faux snow for your holiday cards. Spend the day with your loved ones taking photos and making memories that will last a lifetime by Idaho photographers who know exactly where to go.

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