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The Many Uses of Senior Portraits and What it Means for Your Photographer

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Senior photos with props

Senior photos have a variety of functions. With this in mind, your photographer should be making sure to shoot your high school senior with different props, backgrounds, poses, and moods. Here are the top uses of senior photos and what that means for your photographer.


Sending with Graduation Announcements/Invites

Graduation announcements and invites are often stuffed with senior photos. It’s customary for your high school senior to send them to family, friends, church members, etc. and in return to receive money towards college. It’s important that your photographer takes a few poses that present your senior as professional, educated and capable to put in announcments.


Defining Who They Are

Your senior’s photos document exactly who they are at a very specific moment in their lives. Senior photos represent the culmination of all the best things your senior has become: a top athlete, student president, member of the National Honor Society, cheerleader, leader in a school club, etc. The photos should also highlight their current passions: painting, music, horses, volunteering, technology, etc. Your photographer should take photos of your senior with items that represent who they are or at locations that are especially meaningful.


Trading with Friends

Seniors trade photos with close friends, hoping that they will get one back as a keepsake. This may be especially important if the seniors are parting ways to attend different colleges, or moving to different states to pursue their dream life, etc. Senior photos mark exactly how they looked while their friendship was at it’s prime. Your photographer should take a series of images in which they look stylish and which may showcase their personable side or humor.


Documenting What They Look Like

Senior photos can be a time where a person gets to look their very best. Next to getting married, having high school senior photos taken may be the only time many people are in an actual photo shoot. This moment will never happen again. It’s fun to glam up with makeup and to be in the spotlight while the photographer takes images from various angles and at different locations. Showcasing your senior’s unique beauty and handsome looks may be the self confidence boost they need as they step bravely into a future as an adult. Projecting this best version of themselves into the world will help them take big chances that could lead to wonderful futures.


Overall, a great amount of responsibility should be taken to assure senior photos appear professional, creative, and representative of the senior’s unique personality. A person can entrust that a professional photographer will know how to plan for the many uses of senior photos that range from serious to creative to glam all while representing exactly who your senior really is. If all of this aligns you will have some pretty amazing photos and it will be hard to limit your order. You’ll want enough copies to send relatives, teachers, friends, neighbors and community members who have helped shape and mentor them into the amazing adult they’ve become.

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