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Swiping Right on Professional Dating Profile Headshots | b&b Photography Boise

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A professional headshot for a dating profile

Social media has transformed our world, and online dating is no exclusion. A majority of the strategy with dating has evolved into various companies such as Match.com and OKCupid offering online dating profiles and the ability to quickly filter through people/possible matches. There are benefits to this shift, but as with anything there are also complications and downsides. It’s now more important than ever to make sure you are putting forth every effort to stand out. So, how can you ensure that you’re one of the “good” profiles, and that you get that swipe right or that click? Since a picture is worth a thousand words…we believe one of the best ways is by putting your best face forward with professional photos.

We know what you might be thinking – professional photos for online dating? It may seem like too much effort for something such as online dating! In reality, your dating profile, and especially your photo plays a huge role in a potential match’s first impression. It’s not as frivolous as you might think. Having professional photos taken requires little effort, will help present a clear representation of you while putting the best version of yourself on showcase. Among other dating profile photos taken with cell phones, in poor lighting, and that may be badly cropped you’ll be sure to gain more attention and more opportunities to obtain the coveted of swipe right! Most importantly you’ll be closer to finding your match!

Professional dating profile photos don’t necessarily have to be a classic actor’s headshot – you don’t have to stand in front of a vinyl background and tilt your head to the left. In fact, you’ll gain more attention with images that show your full body, especially if they are taken in a natural setting, in your favorite outfit, at your favorite location or with a prop that tells a little bit about who you are! Professional photographers are trained to maximize your best features, to portray the real, most natural you, in the best lighting, with crisp detail. Capturing you at your best will help you feel confident, and when you find value in yourself, it will translate into your interactions with possible matches.


You’re already putting yourself out there, and making an effort to join the online dating pool. Why not increase your chances and maximize your potential with some great photos, taken by someone who can find your best angles and the best lighting? Online dating is a wild world, full of badly lit Facebook photos – make sure you aren’t missing opportunities because your photo isn’t what it could be!

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