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Don’t be Boring with your Executive Headshots | b&b Photography Boise

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A headshot is often the first impression a potential client or business associate has of you. The quality of your photo can bring you business or cause someone to turn to a competitor. Such a key part of your business should be handled by a professional to avoid the pitfalls that make a boring headshot.


Back to the 1980s

Nothing screams you are out of touch with modern times like having a marbled blue backdrop. The background of your headshot should be a simple one that puts you as the main focus or in a natural outdoor setting that reflects positive aspects of you and your business.


Props With Personal Meaning

By using props, you can convey a message to clients that may not be possible with a standard headshot. If you are a musician, posing with your instrument instantly lets people know what you do for a living. It’s not appropriate for every profession, but it can be a creative tool to present your personality and passions.


Look Natural and Approachable

You want potential customers to see you as someone who is easy to work with and will be a joy to build a professional relationship with that lasts. Get this across in your headshot by wearing simple clothing and jewelry that puts the focus on your face. For ladies, if you generally wear bold makeup, do so in your headshot. Otherwise, go for a soft, natural look. You want to be recognizable from your headshot. As your photographer snaps your photos, try to keep an open, friendly expression. Not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera, but it does show up in photos if you feel ill at ease.


professional photographer should be able to perfect a headshot that conveys your personality and presents you as an expert, and you feel proud to have represent you. They will be able to coach you through these tips during your next professional headshot photo session and you will end up with amazing photos that enhance your online presence and put your best foot forward for new clients.

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