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Why You Need Professional Executive Headshots | b&b Photography Boise

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A professional headshot of a man who is smiling

If you’re a working professional, chances are you have a profile on LinkedIn. This social platform is the main destination for people wishing to grow their network, gain clients, or search for their dream job. Sadly though, many people fall short of making the best impression on potential connections.

The mistake of a bad profile photo

Have a lousy profile photo can have grave consequences, especially if your profile is skipped because the image is too small, blurry, cropped poorly or not eye catching. Unfortunately, LinkedIn is just one example of how this all-too-common occurrence can hurt your future opportunities to advance.

The Power of a Confident, Friendly, Executive Headshot

Now, I’m not talking about the stodgy old business pictures from the 80s. You know, with a three piece suit and tie, on a washed out gray background and a stiff smile. Today’s executive portraits are taken in studio or outdoors, and the vibe is fresh, confident, and up-to-date.

Here are the basic reasons why making a small investment in professional headshots makes sense:

First impressions count

In the age of social media, many people – whether they be potential employers, clients, or even mentors and colleagues – will encounter a social profile you’ve created prior to meeting you in person, If your picture is absent or worse, unflattering or compromising, they may have second thoughts of connecting with you.

“Selfies” don’t cut it

Pictures you take with your smart phone will never equal professional shots. A professional photographer knows angles, lighting, mood, and how to communicate with a picture. No matter how good you think you are with “selfies,” or your skills with filters or Photoshop, you’ll never duplicate the artistry of a professional headshot. A good photographer will make sure you are putting the best version of “you” out there.


Having your professional photos taken means that you not only have great pictures to choose from for social media, but you can also use those same photos for all your marketing – your website, brochures, marketing slicks, and business cards.

Stand out in a good way

Let’s face it – in our competitive world, it can seem like we are all “crabs in a bucket” trying desperately to crawl out to freedom. To give yourself an edge, a professional photo will set you apart from the crowd. A great headshot will inspire confidence in new connections and put the polish on your “digital persona” that so many are lacking these days.

To really succeed now, you have to have all your chess pieces on the board. As you strategize your next few moves, attractive executive photos will help you capture the attention of those whose influence can make all the difference in your success.

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