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How to Pick the Photos you Want? | b&b Photography Boise

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Two little girls deciding what phot they want

After your photoshoot and edits have been done, Robin will bring your in for a last consultation. In this consultation, you will get to pick the final photos you want. What does this mean? Well, depending on what package you bought you get so many final copies either on a disc or print. Robin could take 300 photos of you, 130 of them are amazing and you have to pick 35 final ones. This process can be very overwhelming and lengthy, BUT don’t worry because Robin will step in to help.

The majority of photographers will just agree with you, when you ask for advice they will gear you in the way they see you leaning, or even just pick a random photo so they can get onto the next client. The best thing about b&b is that time is invested in each of their clients. It’s about quality not quantity. Quality time in their clients is necessary for a happy client. Quality in the work Robin is providing for her clients.

Robin will be your voice of reason, and she will give you an understanding of each picture and the significance of them. She believes, “Each picture tells a story of a specific moment in a session with that client. If I am shooting kids for example, mom and dad might not be around, so I have to tell them, ‘Oh this is when Johnny got so excited he shoved the cupcake in his face.’ It allows the parents to know that was a goofy moment so they can share that while it’s hanging up on the wall for years to come.”

Here at B&B we want to give our clients the best experience possible. Don’t feel overwhelmed because we won’t let you leave without being 100% satisfied! Give us a call and we will give you everything you desire in a photoshoot!

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