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How Should You Prepare for Your Photoshoot? | Boise Photography

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A woman that is preparing for her professional photoshoot

For our Family Photography Packages, we never really know what we are going to be getting into because each family is different and unique. So we want you to prepare to have fun, bring in your full personality for the shoot and not be shy or scared to get outside your comfort zone! We love our families to wear similar theme clothes, such as, white shirt and jeans, or men in red shirts and jeans and then women in white and jeans. If you are all outside we love to dress to the weather. However we love seeing your style and what your family can pull off because it makes it more personal!

For our Senior Photography Packages, we love when you can bring a few different outfit changes. Its better for your viewer that you don’t wear heavy pattern clothing. The less is always better. Robin gets very creative when out on location because her cunning eye is always finding things that most photographers would not see.

An example Robin gave us is, “I went out on location with a senior not too long ago. Their hobby/ “thing” was music and collecting old records. When we were walking downtown in freak ally, we came across a record store that I had to stop at and grab a few photos. I made this particular client sit outside the store, after grabbing old records from the store and scattering them all around this student.” So the best way to prepare for your shoot? Go into it with an open mind and idea that you might get photos you had no intention in getting.

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